Bamboo's Founding Principles and Core Values

Words. Words have no meaning without the actions behind them.

Words have not built homes.
Words have not broken chains.
Words have not heard laughter, granted water, walked the earth.

These words, however, capture our essence.

1. Our impact is to cause only positive, sustainable and progressive effect towards any and all beings.

2. Wherever we go, whatever we do, we make it beautiful, lasting, with love and for everyone.

3. We do not shy from adversity. We embrace the difficult. Admit our faults. Develop. Learn. Grow. We welcome and demand change.

4. We are humble. We are different. Our methods offer merely an alternative to the normal. Those who do not understand or adopt our ways, we accept.

5. We are only a success if no man, woman, child or animal is excluded from being a part of who we are.

6. Honesty and transparency are paramount. Everything must be clear in simple to understand terms and available to all.

7. We are family. Protecting, supporting and nurturing the collective movement. Listening, learning and laughing together. If one falls, we all fall.

8. Cultures, beliefs and methods, nothing is to be considered wrong unless it hurts another being. Respect first, then appreciate & understand.

9. We are equal. Man, woman, co-founder or probationer must be given the right to speak.

10. Bamboo champions innovative ideas aimed at providing a sustainable future for humanity.

11. Always deliver on a promise.

12. We are proud to be a profitable and successful business that's a vehicle for positive change.

13. Accountability is paramount; If it's to be, it's up to me.

14. We are Bold. We are Brave. We will not take the easy option, to save time, money or energy if it is in contention with the above principles.

We are not perfect. It's OK to make mistakes.