Different folks, different strokes.

Brad is the name. I’ve been in Cambodia for shortly under a year as well as being fortunate enough to venture across some mo

Four Things To Expect When Traveling Alone.

I always say that the hardest part of traveling alone is ‘getting on the plane.’    That was certainly the case for

“Mom & Dad, I’m OK”

The scariest thing I’ve ever done is also the best decision I have ever made. I came across Bamboo on social media about

Volunteering helps the Asian Elephants

One of the most memorable things anyone can do is watch Thailand’s elephant population in its natural habitat. These amazing

#plasticisrubbish Campaign Launch

BAMBOO, a globally-based travel and volunteering company, has declared war on plastic. Starting today, BAMBOO has begun a camp

Why turtles are amazing and why they need our help

Sea turtles are one of our planet’s most ancient creatures. Back when dinosaurs were roaming the earth, the turtles were the

Three Epic Reasons to Volunteer Abroad

So, you’re thinking about volunteering abroad? I’m glad you’re here! You will no doubt have your own reasons for being h

10 Top Tips for Savvy Travellers

Most travellers have to learn things the hard way. Don’t be one of those travellers. Minimise the number of mistakes you hav

Interns of Bamboo

You may be wondering how a lot of the work gets done around a typical day in the Siem Reap office. Well do we need to tell you

Experiencing the Pura Vida in Costa Rica

Guest Blogger: Ruby Reddington – July 7 2016 Travelling just over 12,000km from my small home town of Wanaka, New Zealan