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By Arron Barrett Tours Director & Leicester Fan

Greetings everyone! Welcome to the first new blog of our spanking new website! Isn’t it pretty?! We’ve come a long way since the original retro site not so many moons ago (like 3 years) and like an elegant flower, we’re blossoming into something far more beautiful.

It’s got me feeling a little emosh, and it’s got me thinking about how much I’ve bloomed personally into a slightly older, more refined version of the Azza-man who jumped on a plane 2 years ago and hasn’t been home since!

The only thing that’s remained pretty consistent since that day has been my Instagram posts, which, even though I do say so myself, have gotten progressively more impressive! They say people post too much on social media these days and one day it’s going to come back to bite you. Well good look to whoever is judging me on my dreamy sunsets, awkward selfies and overuse of #hashtags.

I’ve put together my journey from daydreamer to dream do-er…

It all started on 14th October 2014


The first flight of many…. I was on my way, and I was buzzin’

#AirIndia #TintedGlass #Rockstar #Delhi #Bangkok #WingView

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This one was taken during my time on arguably Thailand’s most beautiful island. Koh Samui has become a focal point for us, and it’s a place I called home for a short time. It’s where I learned the ropes, and the tricks of the trade. I’d finally shifted from the standard rat-race to fishing with the locals!

#LocalKnowledge #ThaiKids #Fishing #RiverMonsters #KohSamui #Thailand #CatchOfTheDay

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This photo is a great memory for me. In the beginning, we really hadn’t acquired the fan base that we have today. Hardly anybody had heard of The Bamboo Project. As most start-ups do in those scary early days, we were giving away free tours to friends and family who would test run what we do, collect the all-important video footage, then head home and tell the world how incredible their trip was! My bro on the left, his best mate on the right, and my cousin posing in the background with our first of many selfie-sticks.

#TeamBamboo #BangkokTour #DoYouBamboo #Thailand #Temples #TeamSelfie #GoPro #GoProHero3 @bamboo_project

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Before I was a seasoned tour leader, I did my fair share of classroom work… Like seriously… probably more than I ever did back when I a snotty-nosed eicest shoolkid! 3 months at a school in Thailand, I learned the hard way that teachers have an incredibly difficult job and I now look up to them almost as much as I look up to our big boss, Steve Williams! It wasn’t all tear-my-own-hair-out though, lunch time on the field with a football was a way I could teach them a lesson or two! Credit to one of children for the photo!


After spending a festive Christmas and New Year in Chiang Mai with my gaffer. We embarked on an epic road trip to Pai in the north of Thailand. This picture proves that you don’t need dreadlocks and hippie pants to look cool in Pai.


(not the band, we’re the original) – T-minus 2 weeks before our first ever group in Cambodia arrives and we’re out testing the roups bike tour of the city. I personally love how streamlined my hair is looking here – photo credit to my other amaze-balls boss, Mark.


This snap a beauty. The feeling of capturing an unexpected photo that turns out to be a pearler is almost as goosebump inducing as that first sip of an ice cold beer on a hoit sunny day, and this was one of those. Totally a point-and-click GoPro shot on the way back from our first ever tour of Phnom Penh. The sun setting behind The Grand Place along the Mekong River. I don’t think I could catch a moment like that again if I tried.


I went through a stage of over filtering my phots, which at the time I thought looked ‘edgy’ but in actual fact looked like I was a total amateur trying too hard. This one however isn’t too bad. It was my first time in Ha Long Bay, Vietnam. Vietnam, as a country, has truly blown me away, it’s one of my favourite places and it was the beginning of a new adventure for us. Not a bad sunset either.


What a tour this was! Khao Sok is without doubt one of the most breathtaking places I’ve ever visited. It’s a highlight of our tours and it’s not a place many people know about. This photo took me several attempts but I got ithere in the end.


2 years on and our family has grown in more ways than one. It’s something we’re all well proud of. Bamboo baby has grown up to become Bamboo-GVN and we’re taking over the world, giving people life changing experiences while giving back along the way! I’ve got a feeling 2017 will be a helluva lot more epic, mate! (wink wink)

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