Interns of Bamboo

You may be wondering how a lot of the work gets done around a typical day in the Siem Reap office. Well do we need to tell you!
Introducing three of our incredible and yes, crazy interns!

Kerry Ringer, UK

Do you ever do that kerry3thing where you look back in time, about a year, and just think ‘I never would’ve expected my life to be how it is now’?

I guess I never really thought about working abroad when I was all set up in London. I hadn’t travelled a huge amount at all, lived close to my family, had an office job in Westminster (next to Big Ben for all of you who aren’t too fab at geography), survived off Starbucks coffee and those cute, little panini things they do…yanno, I was happy in my little bubble.

That was until I found a cheeky Facebook Ad from the folks at Bamboo. I decided to take the leap and travel halfway across the world for two weeks to join their 2Countries Tour in Thailand and Cambodia. With that, my life changed for the better. The best part for me was the group I went with, all of which were travelling alone and from all corners of the globe. They’re now my best friends and our group chat’s still poppin’ everyday, even 5 months down the line. The experience they had and I had convinced me that this was the company I belonged with.

So, about 6 weeks after my trip I packed my bags for good, yep, just like that. I bought a one-way-ticket to Cambodia, just like that. I’d moved away from my comforts and my Starbucks (nope, they don’t have that here and it still saddens me on a daily basis) and I never would’ve imagined that my life could get this much better. I’m now super happy living with some of the best people; Anne, she’s dutch and has taught me one word…. that I continuously forget (I’m sorry Anne!). Lhanz is just cool AF. He’s Filipino and has the biggest heart going. Alyssa is American and our love-hate relationship is constantly fueled by me correcting the way she says things (it’s a plaster… not a band aid!). We all seem to just, yanno, click.I don’t think I could ever, and would never want to, go back to how my life was before Bamboo.

Anne Pel, Netherlands

Hi ya all!anne-graham

I’m Anne born and raised in the land of tulips, windmills, the red light district and legalized drugs! Yessss.. you guessed that right I’m from that little country we call the Netherlands!

Ever since I was old enough I’ve been travelling the world as much as I can, to in my opinion some pretty epic places! In between my travels I managed to get a bachelor in Tourism and snatch a job at the most awesome company ever!!

So when our lovely bosses asked me to introduce myself, you can probably guess.. Jumping with excitement over this incredible opportunity!! Because it’s not scary at all to have all of you give-backpackers and other like-minded travelers read about little old me!

So let me tell you a bit about myself. Sarcasm is my second language, some would probably say it’s my first! My spirit animal is an Alpaca, if I have to explain myself, just Google Alpaca and we can have a talk later. Sometimes I feel like this amazing life I’m living here in Asia isn’t real, and I gotta pinch myself to realize that it actually is. I believe that thinking positive thoughts, will result in a happier and positive life and try to promote this whenever I can!

The thing I enjoy most in life is travel, a close second is making this world a better place by raising awareness about responsible tourism! No joke guys! I LOVE our world, and being able to visit unique places, it would be my biggest wish if destinations could stay authentic so that others can enjoy them to! AND more importantly, that the people living there can enjoy their home in the way they want to!

Thank you for reading that all the way through! Can’t wait to meet you on one of the Bamboo tours or projects!

Alyssa Powers, USA

So there I was boarding a alyssaplane, ever so gracefully of course. My hair a mess, my flight delayed, and my coffee split all over my crotch (A daily norm for me). I look to my left where my neck pillow was, and I’m not kidding you, someone stole it! I swear to you that my life has always been a s*** show. Seriously, moments before I was born I crapped myself and to this day not all that much has changed. Besides the crapping myself, I mean for the most part… anyways… so I get on this plane and I really hate flying. I have to chug a few glasses of wine in order to cry myself to sleep for my 20 something hour flight (including layovers). Flying is always a pain, but when you fly across the world it’s literally torture!

So after a long ass flight, a bottle of wine, and a total twat with pointy elbows I bet you could guess I was happy to have arrived. As I exited the doors I remembered how horribly humid it is in Southeast Asia and wondered why I had returned! The last time I was here I electrocuted myself, got bit by some kind of insect that sent me to the hospital, and broke a god damn sink! Turns out all of those things are worth living in Asia and working for the most amazing company ever.

So here I am in Cambodia living my life’s dream! Being able to travel and give back to the people who really need it. Not all super hero’s wear capes though! Sometimes they sit at desks and type away injustice!!

But seriously, all jokes aside I knew from the moment that I volunteered in at the Surin Elephant Village with The Bamboo Project that I wanted to be a part of the team. After volunteering with the elephants as well as spend my time with the coolest people in in the world, I couldn’t imagine going home.  So you can bet that as soon as I saw their post on Facebook about being a Bamboo intern I put in my CV right away and then before you know it I was hopping back on a plane. 🙂

My life is so funny in that way, I never ever have a plan and yet all of these amazing opportunities fall into my lap. Though I’m a clumsy pathetic mess I must be doing something right to be here in one of the most beautiful places in the world doing something I genuinely believe in. I’m so proud to be a part of the Bamfam and I can’t wait to see what’s in store for me here in the next year!

So there you have it, three of our incredible interns sharing how they came to be a part of the #BamFam. Want to learn more? Drop us a line we’d love to hear from you!

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