Why turtles are amazing and why they need our help

Sea turtles are one of our planet’s most ancient creatures. Back when13600219_1452530238106101_5071375752181453610_n
dinosaurs were roaming the earth, the turtles were there too: all seven distinct species of them. Nowadays, they are found throughout the world, in warm and temperate waters alike. When they want to lay their eggs, they will often migrate hundreds of miles to the beaches where they were born to build nests. Some sea turtles have been known to travel as far as 1400 miles during migration.

Facts About These Interesting Creatures
A sea turtle cannot retract its head and legs like other turtles but its shell, which is called “carapace”, allows it to glide very quickly through the water. There are sea turtles in a wide variety of colours depending upon their species. Most are various shades of green, yellow, and black and their shells can be quite beautiful. Their diet mostly consists of crabs, seaweed, jellyfish, sponges, molluscs, algae, snails and shrimp.

The Green Sea Turtle can remain under water for up to five hours by slowing its heart rate to conserve oxygen. Ordinarily, a sea turtle will dive for feeding and stay down for only about five minutes. It is very difficult to know how many sea turtles are in existence because of their elusive habits. Normally, after birth, the young do not return to the shore. They head out to sea and this makes them difficult to track. When it’s time for them to lay eggs, they will return to the beach where they were born.

Mating Season 
The female sea turtle will come to shore and dig a hole (or nest) in the ground with her back flippers. There, she will bury her clutch of eggs. Once this is done, the female will return to the ocean. The eggs are well-buried to protect them from predators and accidental damage. Once they hatch, it can take the baby turtles a full week to dig themselves out of the dirt. They normally do this under the cover of darkness to avoid predators.

Why Are They Endangered?
Many species make their home in the ocean, but mankind also utilizes the ocean for transportation, fishing, whaling, and recreation. In the past century, large industrial plants have carelessly dumped billions of gallons of toxic substances into the oceans. This type of carelessness has killed billions of fish and other species that call the ocean their home. Even if only algae and seaweed were extinguished, the food supply of many creatures would diminish. It’s imperative that our oceans and species, like the beautiful Sea Turtle, remain alive and healthy, as each creature has a role to play in the world’s ecosystem – including the survival of mankind.

Though humans will continue to use the oceans and beaches for many activities, it’s essential that we realize how every part of our ecosystem is carefully designed to be dependent upon the others. When we weaken or destroy something like the sea turtle or coral reef, we endanger our own survival as a species.

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Come join us!
Bamboo’s new Discover Costa Rica Tour is an excellent opportunity to experience the Pura Vida and work towards the conservation and protection of several species of sea turtle including the Olive Ridley, Leatherback Black and/or Green turtles. By protecting unique creatures like these, we playing our part to help preserve our eco-system. Our programs give you the chance to make an important contribution to the preservation of these species, assisting local communities who carry out conservation work and gaining first-hand knowledge of Costa Rica’s biodiversity and culture.

Learn more about our projects
If you are interested in learning more about our work in Costa Rica, feel free to visit our Discover Costa Rica page. Bamboo is dedicated to making a difference throughout the world and we believe that we can each play a part in the change that our world needs so desperately.

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  1. Julie Nicholls

    I have completed your application to join this programme as a volunteer.

    With thanks for your email this week, giving me the chance to apply.

  2. Kimberley Chapman

    Me and my daughters would love this experience to help with our spiritual journey! And this is one of the places we are drawn too!

  3. Lisbeth A. Morgan-Pease

    I am interested in helping with ocean conservation any way I can. I recently read about a nuclear reactor leaking in Japan from a tsunami that hit. The pacific has tons of radiation in it and no one knows how to shut the reactor down. I am scared for our oceans.

  4. Rebeca Perez

    I want to learn more about the Costa Rica projects with sea turtles. Can you provide me with dates and prices?

    Thank you,

    Rebeca Perez

  5. Tessa Burgess

    Hello everyone! Sorry for the late response! To learn more about you can help the turtles (including program prices) and/or to apply, go to our Costa Rica page here: https://www.wearebamboo.com/volunteer/costarica/

    Alternatively, a portion of our Elephants to Islands tour involves turtle conservation. To learn more about this program, go here: https://www.wearebamboo.com/tours/elephants2islands/

    Also bear in mind that very soon we will launch our Discover Costa Rica tour which will offer yet another opportunity to help the turtles so heaps of options are available!

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