#plasticisrubbish Campaign Launch

BAMBOO, a globally-based travel and volunteering company, has declared war on plastic.


Starting today, BAMBOO has begun a campaign to decrease the use of plastic bottles, bags and containers in our day-to-day endeavours. This campaign was created with the intention of lowering the amount of plastic waste and the inappropriate disposal of rubbish, both of which have become an increasingly hazardous problem in most cities around South East Asia.

Using the hashtag #PlasticIsRubbish, BAMBOO hopes to create awareness about an issue that affects everyone both short-term and in the long run.

BAMBOO’s co-founder, Mark Foster-Murray, said: “Since the inception of BAMBOO we have strived to not only create epic experiences, but also to ensure our tours are as green as they can be. With initiatives such as this we aim to create opportunities for our team and travellers to make the right choices when it comes to the over-use of plastic. We appreciate that no one is perfect, but when given simple options and easy access to sustainable solutions we can work together to make the world we journey through a better, less polluted place for everyone to enjoy.”

As a starting point, some of our locations will be given bins to correctly dispose of items made from plastic, aluminium, glass and paper. These recyclable items will then be sold to factories that will break them down and repurpose them into plastic bags, chairs, flower pots and, in some special cases, even motorbike helmets.

All of the money collected from these sales will then be used to create reusable BAMBOO bags and water bottles. Fresh water refill stations will also be available at various locations, and these will be well-suited for customers who bring their re-usable water bottles with them.

Aside from teaching team the importance of proper garbage disposal, we’ll also be getting our hands dirty on a monthly basis by organizing clean-ups alongside local community members.

Lastly, our sister schools in Thailand and Cambodia will be given lessons on how to appropriately separate and discard their garbage – with monthly lectures on recycling – and we’ll be hanging up charts that show how their use of plastic decreases as they learn more about the damage it generates. Teaching the children how this should be done will in turn teach their families and larger communities about the long-term consequences of simply piling garbage and letting it sit.

About BAMBOO: BAMBOO is an award-winning and internationally recognized travel and volunteering company built on the combined experience of almost 40 years in international travel and global volunteering. Since launching in 2002, the company has received over 24,898 adventure travellers and volunteers from around the globe. Acknowledged by CNN, The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Mashable, BAMBOO has succeeded in creating a lasting impact upon the communities we cooperate with.

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