Non-Profit Cafe – Siem Reap – Cambodia

Down a little alley nestled in the heart of Siem Reap, lies a beautifully simple concept:

Pay what you want, pay it forward
Fat Panda

BAMBOO is not your average tour company – FACT! We strive to be different, to be interesting, to be amaze–balls in everything that we do! This is no clearer than in our very own coffee shop located in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

A lot of world–changing ideas are born with coffee in hand. Fat Panda's is one of those. Steve, Mark and Colin, sat chatting over a hot java and decided one day "....let's open a non–profit cafe where 100% of proceeds received are donated to local, national and international projects...."

Fat Panda's, where everything is effectively FREE, was born! Everything on the menu reads $0.00. You pay what you want and 100% of the proceeds are donated to our 'Project of the Month' – details of which you can find in the café.

Here are two of the lucky recipients:

Sunrise New Hope Cambodia

Pagoda Cats

And here's how to find Fat Panda's:

Here's what to look for:

Fat Pandas August 2017

During the month of August, the café is proudly collaborating with XLability from Soulcialtravel.

Their aim is to increase inclusiveness and the confidence of people with disabilities through a very special sports program. This time, they'll bring together teams from three different countries (France, India and Cambodia) to teach each other techniques and empower all of them. If you have never seen a game of wheelchair basketball, wheelchair tennis or wheelchair rugby, definitely check it out! These players are amazing🏆!

The folks over at XLability are currently working on renovating and making improvements on a sports center in Siem Reap that can be used for training and competitions. We can't wait to go and cheer them on!

Last, but definitely not least, these guys also have an educational program they've been offering to schools, businesses and organizations to help the general population realize how difficult certain things that we take for granted are for someone with a disability, and how easy it can be to reach out and make a difference.

Fat Pandas July 2017

In keeping with the Plastic Free July theme, this month Fat Panda's is raising money for an incredible Siem Reap based environmental non-profit called Naga Earth!

These guys do some amazing projects, some of which include recycling paper & plastic and turning used cooking oil into clean burning biodiesel and hygienic soap.

Naga Earth have two ongoing recycling projects, and are building a machine that will melt plastic down so that it can be remolded into new products as well as a a press that can turn plastic bags into tarps and umbrellas. These will be subsidised and sold to local families who will then turn "rubbish" into income generating items. It's a win-win situation that will clean up the country and create jobs ♻!

Stop by the café this month to support all of Naga Earth's projects! And, remember kids: #plasticisrubbish!

Check them out on their website www.nagaearth.com.

Fat Pandas June 2017

For the month of June, Fat Panda's cafe is raising money for our furry little friends! There is an amazing initiative being led by locals and expats in Siem Reap to set up an Emergency Animal Service. If an animal is injured or ill, there will be a team to be able to help them at no cost to whoever found and brought in the poor critter. A lot of the unwanted dogs and cots end up at pagodas as some people believe that the monks will take care of them. While they have big hearts, there budgets and veterinary knowledge aren't the biggest. There is a group of volunteers and an amazing vet who go out everyday to over a dozen pagodas to feed, give rabies shots, spay and neuter and give medical attention to these gorgeous creatures. We are so happy to raise money this month to go towards food, medication, rabies vaccines and the be able to pay Dr Thy Buntha for the amazing work that he is doing in addition to his extremely busy practise.

Please join us with the goal of setting up an emergency fund and an emergency team so that we can eventually be able to help any animal that needs it.

If you are not swinging by Siem Reap or Fat Panda's, you can donate directly to their fund here: http://animal-emergency-siem-reap.weebly.com/

Fat Pandas May 2017

In the month of May, Fat Panda's Café raised a whopping $1,018.70 from our generous customers towards an amazing start up: Full Belly Farm - Siem Reap​ This initiative is being set up to become a fully operational, organic farm. That's cool in its own right, but what makes it even more epic is that it'll serve as a home, workshop, kitchen and training centre for some amazing superstars with disabilities. They will be able to live on-site in comfortable homes that are wheelchair accessible, send their children to school, make a sustainable living for themselves and get fresh, clean, healthy fruit and vegetables to eat.

Something incredible is happening here & we are so happy to contribute to their being able to get it all started!

If you would like to contribute from home, you can donate through this link: https://www.chuffed.org/project/full-belly-farm