We vow to support, nourish & protect all living things
The founding principles of Bamboo #2


Bank (Momma) & Wan Dee (Baby)

Although Bamboo supports a herd of 33 elephants living in a village in north east Thailand and 3 more elephant sanctuaries in Thailand and Cambodia, our love for these incredible beasts began with one elephant; her name's Bank.

We first met Bank back in 2013 in the village where she lives with the family of her inspirational owner (her 'Mahout') Mr Suaii (pronounced 'soo–aye'). At that first meeting it was very apparent that the boys from Bamboo and Bank had an inseparable bond and they wanted nothing but the best for her and her family.

Over the 3 years since that meeting Bamboo have reunited Bank with her baby girl, Wan–Dee and hugely improved her living and general health and welfare conditions. In addition to this Bamboo has also supplied a constant stream of eager, hard–working and fun–loving volunteers to bring in physical support, financial assistance, education, and heaps more besides.

Our next project for Bank is to build her a new enclosure where she can roam un–chained without the fear of her accidently harming herself, others or livelihoods. Long–term we want to purchase a large area of land to create an enclosure that will be home to all elephants, where they can roam safely, receive good healthcare and the correct dietary requirements and all of the love they receive on a daily basis.

Only with the support of our tours and our volunteers are we able to sustain these elephants. Your love for them is endless and is only equaled by our ambition and determination to create a world–leading sanctuary that puts the priorities of elephants (and the families that care for and depend on them) first. This is why Bamboo was created, a viable business model to create change and opportunities for giving whilst at the same time offering life–changing experience and epic adventures.

If you're one of those lucky travelers that have visited Bank or Wan–Dee, please post your images on Instagram with the hashtag #BankTheElephant and we'll happily show you off to the world!