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Exclusive Peru Tours and Trips 2022-24

Exclusive Peru Tours and Trips 2022-24

Take a Trip to Peru with Bamboo

Even though numerous travelers come to visit the nation's most well-known site, the ruins of Machu Picchu, the other part of Peru, lies within its warm, gratified residents – many of them come from the Incas. There are a lot of surprises this place has to offer, like the foodie heaven found in Lima or the adventures that wait for you in the early city of Cusco. Whether you're walking around the cobblestoned roads of Arequipa, moving up and down on the islands of Lake Titicaca, or discovering mummies in the region of Nazca, our Peru guided tours will have you feeling like an explore freak as this place has so much to offer.

With our Peru tours, you can explore all the awe-inspiring places in this resource-rich country and have a closer look at the inhabitants there. While returning home, your cameras will be filled with beautiful pictures as well as your mind and heart brimming with some amazing memories. No matter with whom you wish to make these memories, be it your special someone, your family, or friends, you will have a lot to look back on.  You can also explore the local markets and try the traditional cuisine.

The scenic views offer a great feast to the eyes. Let's give you an insight into what this whole adventure travel Peru experience is like. Our tour guide also answers some of the most commonly asked questions about Peru and Peru-guided tours.

Tours Available in Peru
Bamboo currently has 1 tour(s) in Peru:

What are some Peru Travel Tips?

Peru Travel Tip 1: Other than the Machu-Pichu(one of the seven wonders of the world), there are other things to explore like the Colca Canyon, Lake Titicaca, and much more.

Peru Travel Tip 2: As there is so much to explore, you can be tempted to rush from one place to another, try to take your time, and embrace the slow life.

Peru Travel Tip 3: Come prepared by packing comfortable clothes and shoes, sunscreen, water bottles, and of course a good camera as there is so much to absorb in this beautiful region.

Peru Travel Tip 4: During your entire tour, discover Peru by keeping in mind the variety of climates that this place has to offer, so it is advised to go through a weather forecast beforehand.

Peru Travel Tip 5: Try the home-cooked food from smaller restaurants; food is one of the best ways to understand the culture of any place.

5 Reasons to Travel to Peru

  • You can visit ancient ruins and historical sights, as this place has a lot of fascinating history to be explored.
  • Peru has around 28 separate climates all over and has a vast natural diversity. Our Peru eco-tours are sure to get you a first-hand experience.
  • The cuisine of Peru is something that is loved by people all over the world.
  • Peru is famous for its scenic beaches and is a great attraction to people who love surfing and other water sports.
  • Peru is famous for its drinks, especially strong beers, and flavored Inca Kolas.

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Peru

Visitors come with many questions, and we have compiled the most frequently asked about Peru to help answer some of your inquiries.

The dry season in Peru is the time when most tourists visit this beautiful place; during this time, the skies remain clear, and it is the best time for hiking. As this time is the busiest in Peru, it is advised to book your Peru group vacation in advance to avoid the peak charges and low chances of availability. The best time to visit, although it can vary from region to region as Peru has around 28 climates. So plan all this beforehand.

The currency in circulation in Peru is the Sol. At present, it is close to 3.99 Peruvian Soles that make up one US dollar. Most people in Peru you will notice won't accept payments in dollars or any other currency; only a few might; that is why it is necessary you go for an exchange. For the reason that Peru is a major tourist attraction among explorers of nature, ATMs are very easily found and accessible there.

There can be a lot of culinary influences seen in Peru, from native Peruvian to Spanish and Chinese cuisines— and it comes from a tremendously varied topography, comprising the mountains, the forests, and the coastal area — Peruvian cuisine has a unique and wide variety almost unique to any other cuisine.  Traditional dishes, for that very reason, vary tremendously from one area to another. A dish that is likely to be very popular in one region can be something locals never heard of in another. Some of the most famous dishes of Peru include:

  • Ceviche (Lime marinated Fish)
  • Lomo Saltado (Stir Fried Beef)
  • Papa a la Huancaína (A Potato Dish)
  • Juane (A Rice Dish)
  • Tacacho (Green Yellow Plantains with Pork)
  • Pollo a la Brasa (Roasted Chicken)

The citizens of the U.S., Canada, the European Union, Australia, and New Zealand get a tourist visa on arrival. Immigration officials will be deciding the length of your stay, but the most days one can stay in Peru is 183 days in every calendar year. There are no visa extensions offered by Peru to anyone. You must have a passport that is valid at the time of arrival in the country and have a minimum of one blank page in the passport for the entry stamp to be marked. Immigration officials may also ask you to give proof of your ahead travel plans.

Peru generally makes use of 220 volts, but naturally, the power points are formed the same as in many countries: the two flat prongs. So, you will not be in need of an adapter while traveling there, but if your devices use 110 volts, then you must consider carrying a converter, or your device can be overpowered and heat up. Other than that, it is always advised to check with the hotel you have booked your stay in; they can let you know exactly what kind of power points they have there.

Yes! Peru is a beautiful place that is suitable and is sure to amaze both kids and adults of any age group. This place offers a lot of activities to enjoy with your family, from going to see llamas to sandboarding in the desert and kayaking, you can learn to make chocolate, cooking experience in pots made out of clay and much more.

Peru is quite a vast and huge country, and going from one destination to another takes a lot of traveling. Any bus ride that is more than 2 to 3 hours is not very easy for children, so you can either take internal flights and plan on visiting a specific stretch of the country at once. Another thing you can do is prepare your children mentally on how to stay calm during the long tours this country has to offer.

City buses that are available as public transports are safe, but since you are a tourist being a little aware is always better. Petty crime can exist anywhere in the world, like pick-pocketing. If you are thinking about the scenario in long bus tours, then there are a lot of operational and trustworthy companies in Peru. Their prices can be varying on the basis of availability and, of course, timings.

One of the most reputed bus services companies in Peru is Cruz del Sur, their services are timely, and they manage to offer competitive prices by giving extra discounts. If you are considering traveling from Lima to Cusco in a bus, then it will take you around 22 hours; that is how far some destinations can be from one another. That's why many tourists opt to fly instead.

Altitude sickness is a real thing and can happen to some—particularly on a sharp hike like the Inca Trail—but it is not something to be worried about! Just be hydrated, take small and slow steps up, and sleep well before the day of the hike. Local coca tea available in the region is said to be a good remedy for this kind of sickness.

While traveling to the Peruvian coast, you must carry light wear clothes like loose T-shirts or shorts along with a pair of sandals. In some areas however the temperature can be very cold so you must also carry warm clothes. Keeping

Plan Your Peru group holidays with With Bamboo and experience beyond the Inca Trail

You will get to explore the different sides of Peru, the colorful land of textiles, primeval ruins, and unbelievable culture. You can also try some of the local cuisines from different regions and feel closer to the Peruvian culture.

This place has a lot to offer that you will be tired of exploring and return with some great memories and a lot of pictures from your tour. Our Peru tour packages are suitable for solo travelers or group travels with family or friends. Everything will be taken care of by our travel experts. This enchanting place has a lot to offer and is a great draw for any Bamboo explorer.

Bamboo currently has 1 tour(s) in Peru:

Peru Travel Hack

Firstly, on behalf of everybody at Bamboo, I would like to offer you our thanks for choosing to experience this incredible part of the world with us. We guarantee you an amazing time and we’re all very much looking forward to meeting you in Chiang Mai soon.

I imagine that right now you’re very excited about your upcoming adventure and this little guide has been put together to help you understand more about what will be happening, what to expect, how to plan and more. We guarantee your time with us will be unforgettable from start to end.

Bamboo is growing as our style of 'travel' has proven to be the 'way' to travel. You are now a part of this journey and we welcome you with open arms and hearts. This growing experience is down to people like you, so do get stuck in, become part of our way of life, live every moment and take nothing for granted.

Peace, Love & Bamboo
Mark (& the other Panda, Colin)

This information is taken from the Peru Travel Hack - for more information, please read Peru Travel Hack

Discover the the infamous Peruvian Amazon and learn about its deep ecosystem from an award-winning non-profit organisation

Explore the capital city of Lima and the ancient Incan city of Cusco

Visit Peru's epic star attraction, the famous incan ruins of Machu Picchu

Learn how to create local delicacies using traditional Andean ingredients

Connect with the local communities and learn about various cultures inhabiting the Amazon

Hike through the breathtaking views to the iconic Machu Picchu


Peru Entry Requirements

Some countries do NOT have to apply for a visa at an embassy or consulate before entering Peru. A passport valid at least six months with at least 2 free pages in the visa section is enough to get a Tourist Visa (it's only an entry stamp) directly at the border or the airport which will last up to 183 days.

For more detailed information on entry requirements and countries that are visa-except, please visit the link below.



It is essential that you arrange travel insurance that provides suitable cover for the duration of your trip before you travel.

Bamboo offers a comprehensive policy through our partners, Chubb. Please contact us for more information.


You'll be staying in various comfortable accommodation types throughout your trip, generally sharing with between one and three others in your group (twin to quad share rooms).

The Amazon Rainforest project is in a rustic area and the accommodation is in basic shared bunk houses. This will be bunk bed, dorm-style accommodation with outside shared bathroom facilities - a bit like camping! There is not always clean running water available so we will sometimes get stuck in with bringing water in pails and jugs to wash with. There are no towels provided so it is important to bring your own.

WiFi is normally available in each place we stay (with the exception of the project location which do not have WiFi), although not always the most reliable, particularly in more remote areas,

If you need to have your laundry done, there are local services that are low cost and readily available.

All meals are provided as noted in the itinerary and will generally be a mix of western and local Peruvian cuisine.


When it comes to advice on how much money to bring, it’s impossible to say. All our intrepid explorers are very different. Where some go all out, others are on a budget. You can find both high end and budget restaurants, bars and shopping across Peru.

The currency used in Peru is called Sol. Typical exchange rates are:

$1 - 3.50 Sol

£1 - 4.50 Sol

ATMs, or cash machines, are prevalent throughout Peru and will only issue Sol, If you do plan to bring your ATM card with you, we recommend that you inform your bank. This may prevent your card being suspended due to irregular withdrawals.

We don't recommend bringing travelers cheques with you. The reason is that bank across Peru have odd hours of operating, and it may cause unnecessary hassle finding a bank open when you wish to make a transaction.

Major credit cards are accepted across Peru but less so outside of the major cities. Larger hotels and restaurants may accept credit cards, but in most places, cash is king.

Negotiating a purchase, known as “bartering”, still happens in the tourist areas of Peru. Outside of tourist areas, however, bartering is seen as disrespectful and the cost you're told is the cost you pay. If you're unsure as to whether or not you can barter for a discount please speak to your guide or coordinator to avoid any unnecessary faux-pas.



Basic costs of things:

  • Water 1 - 2 Sol
  • Beer 7 - 12 Sol
  • Inexpensive Meal 10 Sol
  • Restaurant Meal 50-80 Sol
  • Taxi to airport 40-60 Sol
  • Cappuccino 8 sol
  • Memories - Free of charge

The currency in Peru is known as Sol.

Remember to tell your bank that you are leaving the country to avoid having your card blocked


Packing for a trip to the unknown is always tricky. It’s definitely worth doing a little bit of homework on this one and to consider local culture when deciding what clothes to bring.

If you want to avoid unwanted attention, dress casual, don't show too much skin and keep things simple. Jeans and a shirt, shorts and a t-shirt, a skirt and sweater — you can't go too far wrong with classic combinations.

While in the Amazon or hiking, it’s highly like that your clothes will get dirty, sweaty and possibly torn so please keep this in mind. It’s very easy to buy cheap clothes from local markets here that will be more than suitable for your work. If at the end of your time on a project you no longer wish to hang on to the clothes please speak to your guide as we may be able to donate those clothes on your behalf.

You should also consider the weather. The winter (May - September) is the driest season and the summer (December - March) is warmer of course, but is also the wettest season, Many essentials like t-shirts and shorts are with frequent heavy showers. In the shoulder often cheaper on the road than on the months, April and October, the weather can be unpredictable with varying conditions much like the UK.

During the dry season temperatures can soar to 32C or higher. Not surprisingly, humidity in the rainforest is high throughout the year.


We recommend you bring:
- Lightweight hiking pants/trousers
- Long sleeve shirts
- Long socks
- Tropical strength insect repellent
- Flashlight
- Comfortable hiking shoes
- Layered clothing (for chilly nights)
- Lightweight sleeping bag (for Amazon)
- Travel pillow (for Amazon)

There is always the temptation to pack your backpack full to the top, but remember to save some room for anything you buy along the way.

Bringing too much can sometimes be worse than not bringing enough. Many essentials like t-shirts and shorts are often cheaper on the road than on the high street.



For up to date information about the best travel vaccinations to have before arriving in Peru we urge you to contact your own GP, a travel health clinic or to check the World Health Organisations website.

Bamboo are not medical professionals and therefore can't offer you medical advice.


Thanks to the world wide web we all now have access to great flight deals through websites such as Skyscanner, Google Flights and more. If you'd rather use the services of a booking agent, the likes of Trailfinders and Flight Centre are all available online.

To be eligible for the airport pick-up, please arrange your flight to arrive into Lima’s Jorge Chavez International Airport (LIM) on the Friday that your tour starts between the hours of 6am and 8pm.

The tour ends two weeks later back in Lima. From there you'll need to make your own arrangements for onward travel.

Depending on traffic, the drive from the airport to Lima city centre will be approximately 20-30 minutes.


Did you know that?

Three-quarters of the world’s alpaca population lives in Peru.

The highest sand dune in the world, Cerro Blanco, can be found in Peru. It is located in the Sechura Desert and stands 3,860 feet from base to summit.

The Incan Empire was larger than imperial Rome at its peak. It included 24,855 miles of roads and relied on a network of chasquis (runners) to keep the kingdom connected.


Jorge Chavez International Airport is Peru's main international and domestic airport. It is located in Callao, 11 kilometers (7 mi) from Lima, the nation's capital city and 17 km (11 mi) from Miraflores. Please arrange to land here when booking your flights to Peru.

You will need to complete an arrivals card when you land in Peru before passing through immigration. This will ask for where you are staying in Peru. The name and address of your first accommodation in Peru can be used and this will be confirmed to you via email approximately 14 days before your arrival; so please make a note of this when you receive it.

Once you have passed through immigration (Passport Control) you'll need to collect your luggage before heading through customs.

Once through you will enter the main arrivals area, a Bamboo representative will be there waiting for you. They should be easily recognizable with their Bamboo t-shirt and will be holding a sign with the Bamboo logo.

Please bear in mind that we may be waiting for others to arrive, so your transfer to the hotel may not be immediate.


We'll head to the airport on Sunday morning and take a short two-hour flight to the city of Iquitos

The transfer from Iquitos to the town of Nauta will be made via a comfortable private local vans and will take approximately 2 hours

We will use the same car journey to return to Iquitos

We will be taking a 4 hour flight from Iquitos to the city of Cusco.

We will be taking an exciting train journey to Aguas Calientes that will take approximately 3 hours.

We will use the same train journey to return to Cuscos.

After breakfast at our accommodation we'll travel to the airport and board a short 1.5 hour flight back to where it all began, the capital city of Lima.


Any tour is only as good as the guide - fact. The input of a tour guide cannot be understated. Their input into your tour, their little insights, the off-the-beaten-track adventures, the knowledge and experiences that they share with you will make or break your time wherever you are in the world.

At Bamboo, we take the selection and training of our guides and coordinators very seriously. Each guide undertakes a structured training program of three months and only once we're convinced that they are genuine representatives of Bamboo are they signed up to the family.

Each of our tours has English-speaking guides to support you, answer your questions, educate you and to ensure that your time is unforgettable. From time to time we may have new guides-in-training on our tours. If you're lucky to have a trainee on your tour, please be patient. They are undergoing training and therefore their knowledge won't be that of the trained and experienced guide who will be accompanying them.

Although not in any way expected or encouraged, anybody who goes over and above the call of duty to ensure that you have the very best time, may deserve a special little thank you.

Did you have extra special service in a restaurant? Did the bus driver make an additional pit-stop just for you? Did your guide go out of the way so that you could experience something unique? At Bamboo we're firm believers in Karma - what goes around most definitely comes around!


The 'must brings’

1. An open mind

2. Backpack or suitcase with wheels

3. Iravel towel

4. Light, loose-fitting ‘work’ clothes (that you don't mind getting dirty!)

5. Long trousers & t-shirts

6. Flip flops or sandals

7. Trainers or sneakers

8. Day pack/bag

9. Insect spray

10. Hat & sunscreen

11. Reusable water bottle

12. Multi-use plug adapter

The 'can brings’

1. Medical Kit

2. Toiletries

3. Raincoat/waterproof jacket

4. Earplugs

5. Water shoes

6. Any home luxuries you simply can't live without

7. Card games or books

8. Respectful swimwear

9. Waterproof bag/ziploc bag

Bamboo currently has 1 tour(s) in Peru:
Tours Available in Peru