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Memorable Tahiti Trips & Group Tours 2022-24

Memorable Tahiti Trips & Group Tours 2022-24

All Inclusive Trips to Tahiti with Bamboo

Think of paradise and the word Tahiti may spring to your mind. The islands of Tahiti are officially referred to as French Polynesia. The place is a scenic collection of volcanic islands and atolls that are strewn across the grand South Pacific Ocean. Tahiti is home to beautiful resorts, vibrant markets, unique cafes, and tempting pearl shops. With our tours of Tahiti, you will experience a mountainous heart that is decorated with high waterfalls, clear streams, and mystical valleys.

The island boasts an amazing selection of land and sea-related activities. Some of the popular activities that you can enjoy with our adventure tours in Tahiti are inner island safaris, hiking in Fautaua Valley, zip-lining, parasailing, surfing, fun boarding, stand-up paddleboarding, and many other adventures to be had. Our experienced guides will take you to every tourist destination so that you don’t miss out on any nautical adventures and breathtaking landscapes.

With our Bamboo's Tahiti guided tours, you can share your passion for traveling with us. We are here to help you discover Tahiti in the most unforgettable manner. You will have a personal Tahiti tour guide with you all along the way. But first, let’s discuss some tips, ideas, and some frequently asked questions about Tahiti so that you can plan and pack in style!

Tours Available in Tahiti
Bamboo currently has 2 tour(s) in Tahiti:

What are some Tahiti Travel Tips?

You can make your trips to Tahiti even more memorable when everything is perfectly planned. With our Tahiti group tours, you can make your experience something you can cherish for a lifetime. Below are some tips to remember before an adventure travel Tahiti:

  • Tourists are required to carry their IDs all the time. So, make sure to always have your ID on when you step out
  • Respect the mana. Tahitians are deeply in touch with their spiritual natural side and wish to live in harmony with the ocean and the jungle. Embrace the mana and enjoy every step.
  • Step beyond the hotels. With this tour, you are enabled to remove the shackles of regular tourism by stepping away from the 5* pina colada resorts and into the truer spirit of the islands and Polynesian culture.

5 Reasons to Travel to Tahiti

Tahiti is a destination with sights that are so overwhelmingly serene that you won’t be able to stop your tears of excitement. With this in mind, you can start planning your trip with our Tahiti-guided tours. Putting Tahiti on the top of your bucket list will allow you to experience relaxation and adventure in a way that most people never will. Here are the top 5 reasons that will entice you to pay a visit once in your lifetime:

• French Polynesian cuisine is mouthwatering. It serves a succulent combination of French recipes and exotic ingredients that are available locally

Tahiti has a unique and beautiful culture that will relieve you effortlessly as and when you are greeted by the wide and warm smiles of the local people

The island water is truly blue, and the overwater bungalows will give you a luxurious and unforgettable experience

• Not many places have marine life that leaves people amazed, but Tahiti sure does. There are 800 different fish species, coral reefs, sea turtles, and even dolphins

• If you are a “travel to learn” kind of person, then you will have plenty of chances to expand your knowledge as the tales, tradition, and history of Tahiti is simply mesmerizing

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions about Tahiti: The Island Of Love

Visitors come with many questions, and we have compiled the most frequently asked about Tahiti to help answer some of your inquiries.

Visa for Tahiti is not required by the citizens of the USA, Canada, British, Australia, and EU for stays of 90 days. However, a return ticket and passport are required. Chinese tourists can travel to Tahiti without carrying a visa as all the Chinese passport holders traveling through an accredited agency are not required to have a visa for stays of up to 14 days (inclusive).

The islands are two hours behind PST (Pacific Standard Time). But during Daylight-Saving Time, i.e., April to late October, they are three hours behind. Time in the Marquesas Islands is half an hour ahead of the rest of the islands.

Tahiti boasts beautiful weather all year round; thus, there’s no “bad” time to visit this beautiful place. But if you are trying to figure out the best time to plan a trip to Tahiti, it depends on what you are looking after. May to October is the “peak” running season in Tahiti. June, July, and August are known as the busiest months and are considered the “winter season” in French Polynesia. These months are popular because the temperature remains cooler and mild.

Due to the amazing year-round weather, you can plan to discover Tahiti during the off-season as well. You will get reduced rates at the resorts and resorts. If you prefer a less crowded beach then, November to April is the best time as you will get to have a more intimate and tranquil experience. You can visit Tahiti during the summer months when it is warmer and slightly humid, as you will appreciate the cooling water around the islands.

With Bamboo's Tahiti guided tours, you will not miss anything. Indeed Tahiti is filled with scenic views and beautiful markets. Here are some top attractions that you can’t miss out on:

Overwater Bungalows: The first overwater bungalows in Tahiti were built back in the 1960s to offer access to the lagoon. But now, they are considered the highest class of tropical luxury. Honeymooners widely enjoy it.

• Les Trois Cascades

Tahiti tours are blessed with scenic waterfalls, but the most popular are The Three Waterfalls, which is locally referred to as Les Trois Cascades or Faarumai Waterfalls. It’s a series of waterfalls in Tahiti Nui in the north-western area. This first waterfall is easily reachable, but you need to hike through a rainforest for the second and third waterfalls. The hiking is worth it because the third waterfall has a swimming basin at its bottom.

• La Plage de Maui:

This beach is composed of pure white sand and is on the south-eastern side. You can spare a whole day for this destination for you to sink your toes into the powdery sand.

• Huahine Natural Aquarium:

It is located near the south side of the island and allows you to mingle with the most mesmerizing marine life in the natural lagoon. You can stand on the platform, enjoy or dive into the water to have a closer look at different water species.

• Teahupo’o:

It is also known as “The End of the Road.” Teahupo’s is the home for surfing as the height of the waves ranges from six to twenty-five feet. All the surfers around the world highly respected this place. Tahiti is also known as the birthplace of surfing as it offers the heaviest waves in the world.

Tahiti and its islands are referred to as tropical paradise. However, their unspoiled and serene islands are not every tourist. If you are planning to visit a commercial or familiar environment like your hometown, you will not find that environment in Tahiti. These extraordinary islands are for wanderers seeking a novel, unique, and adventurous honeymoon experience. Tahiti group holidays are perfect when you want to experience a culture that is different from your own.

The best part of Tahiti is that the climate and lifestyle both call for casual and comfortable clothing. You are not required to carry heavy-embellished gowns (unless you plan to have a date night on your honeymoon). You can keep loose-fitting clothes that are made of natural fabrics. Don’t forget to pack swimsuits and shorts to be worn during the daytime for maximum relaxation. Casual shirts and shorts offer the most leisure while exploring the island. When it comes to evenings and dinner, the best choice for men is sports t-shirts and casual pants. On the other side, women can carry sundresses with cool flowery prints.

Internet connection is easily available in French Polynesia. However, be reminded that you will be on an island, so the internet speed may not necessarily be 4G or 5G. If you plan to bring a laptop or tablet, keep in mind that not all the accommodations are Wi-Fi enabled, so you may need the Ethernet cable. At some accommodations, you can get a phone modem, but it usually comes with a fee.

Brimmed hats, sunscreen, and swimsuits will be your best friend in Tahiti. Along with this, you can carry a camera, sunglasses, reef-walking shoes, and prescribed medicines (if any). You can even consider carrying a tripod to capture the best moments in the form of a vlog. Make sure that you have packed all the required documents like passport, visa, and returned tickets. Here is a quick tip, make a photocopy of your documents before leaving your country and hand them to a trusted friend. If you lose your passport somewhere during the trip, this simple step can help you save time in getting a new one.

Depending on the location, some hotels and cafes use either 110 or 220 volts. Thus, it is recommended that you should carry a converter or adaptor. It is often needed for some appliances, including laptops and tablets.

Upon your arrival, you can exchange money at Faa’s International Airport, hotels, or on a cruise ship. Most credit cards are easily accepted in all tourist areas. Thus it is not required to exchange a large amount of money. The currency used in Tahiti is known as French Pacific Franc, also referred to as XPF or CPF. It is classified into 500, 1000, 5000, and 10000 notes, and the coins are minted in the denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, and 100. The average exchange rate for 1 USD is 77.50 XPF. However, due to currency fluctuations, make sure that you check the current exchange rates.

The official language is French and Tahitian. But English is widely spoken in tourist areas. It is suggested to learn a few basic French and Tahitian phrases to make your experience much memorable. Here are some words and greetings in Tahitian dialect:

• Good day, hello, or friendly greeting: ia orana

• Thank you: mauru’uru

• Goodbye: nana

• How are you: eaha te huru

• Welcome: maeva

• Yes: e, oia

• No: aita

• Good: maita’i

The most common and inexpensive form of transportation is the public bus system. There are 2 types of buses that you can use to discover Tahiti: the RTC large white coaches and the open-air trucks called Le Truck. Both of them frequently operate around the island. Taxis are readily available for hire at hotels, ferry terminals, and airports.

Plan Your Adventure Travel Tahiti With Bamboo Tours!

A trip to Tahiti is what dream vacations are made of. With turquoise-blue lagoons, romantic overwater bungalows, palm-fringed beaches, to lush mountains. You will experience everything "heaven" with our Tahiti group vacations as we have designed the tour packages around you. So, are you ready to discover Tahiti with us?

Bamboo currently has 2 tour(s) in Tahiti:

Tahiti Travel Hack

Hey there!

Firstly, on behalf of everybody at Bamboo, I would like to offer you our thanks for choosing to experience this incredible part of the world with us. We guarantee you an amazing time and we're all very much looking forward to meeting you in Tahiti soon.

I imagine that right now you’re very excited about your upcoming adventure and this little guide has been put together to help you understand more about what will be happening, what to expect, how to plan and more. We guarantee your time with us will be unforgettable from start to end.

Bamboo is growing as our style of 'travel' has proven to be the ‘way’ to travel. You are now a part of this journey and we welcome you with open arms and hearts. This growing experience is down to people like you, so do get stuck in, become part of our way of life, live every moment and take nothing for granted.

Peace, Love & Bamboo
Mark (& the other Panda, Colin)

This information is taken from the Discover Tahiti 18+ Travel Hack and is intended to provide a guide of what to expect. For more specific information you can view our full hacks:
Discover Tahiti Travel Hack
Discover Tahiti Young at Heart Travel Hack



Moana Feels: Get your Moana on with this off-the-beaten-track tour of incredible
French Polynesia; visiting the two stunning islands of Tahiti and Moorea

Sealife: Jump into the turquoise waters and help to protect and preserve marine life with local NGOs

Giving Back: A huge ‘feel good' factor from knowing you've contributed to
scientific research and empowering vulnerable island women

Culture: Immerse yourself in the Polynesian culture and experience living like a local

Sunsets: Set sail on a traditional canoe to admire the most stunning sunsets

Food: Try the best dish in the world - the Tahitian speciality of raw fish with coconut milk


Entry Requirements

Depending on your country of citizenship you may be entitled to a 90-day visa-free entry into French Polynesia (all islands including Tahiti and Moorea). 90 days free if from US, UK, AUS or CAN (Most EU)

This means that you can simply turn up at the airport, present your passport and receive free entry for a maximum of 90 days. VISA and passport requirements are YOUR responsibility

To check if you're entitled to this check your country is on the following list:


VISA and passport requirements are YOUR responsibility




Personally welcomed by the owners, Tahurai and Hinatea, this guest house is truly special. An authentic, simple and cozy place surrounded by nature - you'll not want to leave!

The rooms are twin share and the property also offers a big kitchen and two big shared bathrooms.



Situated on top of a mountain, we will be lucky enough to call this amazing place home for a few days. The incredible views overlook a gorgeous farm and Tahiti Iti.

The accommodation offers shared rooms with either a double or two twin beds.



Prepare yourselves for a treat as we stay on a unique property. This is a private home and the owners have invited you to stay!

Dorm-style accommodation is designed with comfortable bunk beds, air-conditioning and shared bathrooms.

A local, homemade breakfast is provided as well as free WiFi.

There are also some outrigger canoes and kayaks for you to get your paddle on as and when you please!


When it comes to advice on how much money to bring, it’s impossible to say. All our intrepid explorers are very different. Where some go all out, others are on a budget. You can find both high end and budget restaurants, bars and shopping across French Polynesia.

The currency used in French Polynesia is the French Pacific Franc, abbreviated XPF or CFP. Typical exchange rates at the time of writing are:

$1-100 CFP
£1-130 CFP

ATMs, or cash machines are prevalent throughout the main cities,

If you do plan to bring your ATM card with you, we recommend that you inform your bank. This may prevent your card being suspended due to irregular withdrawals.

Major credit cards are widely accepted in larger towns, depending on where you're shopping or dining. Larger hotels and restaurants may accept credit cards, but in most other places cash is king.

It's recommended that you have enough cash on you to cover your time away from the larger areas. You will be reminded of this by your guides during your trip.

Outside of tourist areas, however, bartering is seen as disrespectful. If you're unsure as to whether or not you can barter for a discount please speak to your guide or coordinator.


A budget for basic items is;

Water pack of 6 = 500 CFP
Beer = 270 CFP
Local Juice = 250 CFP
Fresh Coconut Water = 200 CFP
Baguette = 57 CFP
Punupuatro = 500 CFP
Sandwich = 450 CFP
Local fruits = 300 CFP
Meal at a food truck = 1500 CFP
Meal at a restaurant = 4500 CFP



For up to date information about the best travel vaccinations to have before arriving in the country we urge you to contact your own GP, travel health clinic or check the World Health Organisations website. Bamboo are not medical professionals and therefore can't offer you medical advice.


Thanks to the world wide web we all now have access to great flight deals through websites such as Skyscanner, Google Flights and more. If you'd rather use the services of a booking agent, the likes of Trailfinders and Flight Centre, they are all available online.

To be eligible for the airport pick-up, please arrange your flight to arrive into Fa‘a'a International Airport (PPT) in the capital city of Papeete, on Friday that your tour starts between 5 am and 12 pm. Should your flight arrive outside of these hours, our guides may not be available to collect you from the airport.

You will meet the group the following morning before the tour starts.


Fa'a'a International Airport in Tahiti is the only airport in French Polynesia. It won't be intimidating, it’s small and fast. Just make sure you don't come with plants, honey or fresh food (or drugs of course). Other than that, no need to worry, we are here with some useful tips for when you land!

After passing immigration, please collect your bags at the carousels. Once you have your bags please make your way to the exit passing through the Nothing to Declare channel.

Once through you will enter the main arrival area where one of our team will be waiting. They should be easily recognizable with their Bamboo t-shirts and be holding a sign showing the Bamboo logo.

Once you've found them, you'll then receive further instructions. Please bear in mind that we may be waiting for others to arrive so your transfer to the hotel may not be immediate but we'll get
you there as soon as possible.

If your flight has been delayed, don't panic! As long as we have your correct flight details one of our team will be there.

Once we have you we'll transfer you straight to the starting point for your tour. On arrival, we'll help you to check in and give you more details of what's happening next.


Transportation will vary depending on the islands and the location; minivans and boats are generally how we will get around.

Minivan transportation will be for the shorter journeys, like your airport pick-up and transfer. These will have comfortable seats and air-conditioning.

Additionally, 4x4s will be used when we reach the more remote centre of the island. These allow for the roof to be taken off when the weather permits. You will feel like you are in Jurassic Park!

Of course, for island hopping days, we'll also be using boats and ferries to cross the beautiful Southern Pacific Ocean between the islands of Tahiti and Moorea.


Any tour is only as good as the guide - fact. The input of a tour guide cannot be understated. Their input into your tour, their little insights, the off-the-beaten-track adventures, the knowledge and experiences that they share with you will make or break your time wherever you are in the world.

At Bamboo, we take the selection and training of our guides and coordinators very seriously. Each guide undertakes a structured training program of three months and only once we're convinced that they are genuine representatives of Bamboo are they signed up to the family.

Each of our tours has English-speaking guides to support you, answer your questions, educate you and to ensure that your time is unforgettable. From time to time we may have new guides-in-training on our tours. If you’re lucky to have a trainee on your tour, please be patient. They are undergoing training and therefore their knowledge won't be that of the trained and experienced guide who will be accompanying them.

Although not in any way expected or encouraged, anybody who goes over and above the call of duty to ensure that you have the very best time, may deserve a special little thank you.

Did you have extra special service in a restaurant? Did the bus driver make an additional pit-stop just for you? Did your guide go out of the way so that you could experience something unique? At Bamboo we're firm believers in Karma - what goes around most definitely comes around!


The 'must brings’

  • An open mind
  • Travel towel
  • Flip flops/sandals/trainers
  • Working gloves
  • Natural insect spray
  • A swimsuit, hat and water shoes
  • Reusable water bottle
  • Warmer clothes for mountains
  • Long pants/trousers
  • Raincoat
  • Long-sleeved t-shirt
  • Multi-use plug adaptor

The 'can brings’

  • Medical kit
  • Toiletries
  • Torch (head light)
  • Earplugs
  • Any home luxuries you simply can't live without
  • Card games or books
  • French phrasebook
  • Waterproof bag/ziploc
  • Personal float/armbands (if you don't feel comfortable in water)
  • Snorkel gear if you have it
Bamboo currently has 2 tour(s) in Tahiti: