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Dream Trips to Thailand & Group Tours 2022-24

Dream Trips to Thailand & Group Tours 2022-24

Guided Trips to Thailand with Bamboo

Thailand is an exotic country that can be found in the heart of Asia. This country has a rich culture and offers many different types of adventure trips to visitors who come to explore this land. Thailand is also known for its natural beauty, which ranges from mountains and waterfalls to beaches and rainforests. If you are looking for a unique way to travel with friends or family, then Bamboo Tours might be the perfect option!

Bamboo Tours is a company that specializes in group travel, and they offer many different types of trips to Thailand. They have exclusive tours for all sorts of people, including solo travelers, families with children, honeymooners,, or taking a tour through the jungle on an elephant, to white water rafting in the countryside and meeting elephants up close!

These adventures can range from exploring the city life by day and partying at night in a safe and friendly environment. Or take in the natural beauty of Thailand by taking a hike and then ziplining! Whatever your adventure preference, there is something for everyone with Bamboo Tours.

Testimonials: "Every day was an amazing experience that I wouldn't trade for anything" - review from Linda W on TripAdvisor

"The guides were great at giving us options to keep our interests satisfied while learning about Thai culture."-review from Emily H on TripAdvisor

Tours Available in Thailand
Bamboo currently has 3 tour(s) in Thailand:

What are some Thailand Travel Tips?

It's difficult to know where to start when planning a trip, especially for the first time. I've compiled some of my favorite travel tips and tricks that have helped me on trips abroad in the past couple of years.  

  • 1) Consider your budget- this is important because you'll find that things are more expensive than back home and it can be overwhelming if you don't plan ahead.
  • 2) Find out what kind of vaccines you need before going- whether it's yellow fever, hepatitis A or typhoid, having these shots beforehand will save stress on your way over there.
  • 3) Research which hotels offer free breakfast so that one less thing to worry about is money spent on food while traveling.
  • 4) Pack light! You're already packing for a different climate, so you don't want to be lugging around heavy clothing and shoes.
  • 5) And lastly, don't forget to pack your sense of adventure! Thailand has so much for you to see and experience. Who knows what will happen on a Bamboo Tour?

5 Reasons to Travel to Thailand

There are so many reasons to visit Thailand, but these five stand out the most.

  • 1) The country is filled with natural wonders from jungles and mountains that you will only find in Asia.
  • 2) Bangkok, a world-class city where all your needs can be met at the Royal Palace or one of its shopping malls on Khaosan Road (I definitely recommend MBK!).  
  • 3) It's not just beaches--there are also incredible waterfalls! Whether it's exploring rapids in rural Thailand or wading near Pai waterfall for an adrenaline rush, there are plenty of options for visitors who enjoy watersports.  Moreover, hiking isn't limited to trekking through jungle trails; you can take guided treks up mountains or go on a bamboo rafting adventure through rural Thailand!
  • 4) Your local tour guide will be a knowledgeable Thai person who is passionate about where they live and wants to share their culture with you!
  • 5) Finally, the Bamboo Tours team has spent years exploring Thailand. You can't beat the experience of going on your own adventure when traveling abroad--but if that sounds too daunting or time-consuming, Thailand group tours are an excellent alternative for travelers who want both convenience and authenticity in one package. All of our tours offer guests personalized service from start to finish; we will do what it takes to ensure that this tour becomes a highlight of your life's journey!

FAQ: Thailand

Thailand is a country of extremes. Visitors come with many questions, and we have compiled the top five most frequently asked about Thailand to help answer some of your inquiries..

The Thai Baht. You can exchange your money at any bank or post office before you arrive, but most places will accept US Dollars and Euros as well.

Yes! There are many tour companies that offer solo travelers a unique experience while in-country. If this isn't an option for you, don't worry! Solo travelers tend to meet others who share their interests quickly because of how friendly people are there--it's never hard to make new friends on tours with Bamboo Tours either!

Tap water should not be consumed anywhere within Thailand except Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket - bottled water that has been sealed is the only safe option for consumption.

Absolutely! Thailand is a large country with diverse landscapes. If you are looking for an easy way to see all the best parts of the country, group tours can do that easily and affordably in just one week or less.

The amount of money you need will depend on the type of travel and your habits while in-country. If you plan to eat out often, staying at nicer hotels or renting a car for transportation, then more than $200 USD per day would be recommended.

Thailand has three seasons:

-The hot season (March to May) when it's often raining and humid. The weather is very stable at this time of year with an average temperature of 30 degrees Celsius, which makes exploring the country much more comfortable than during the hotter months. This is a prime tourist time in Thailand as well!

-The rainy season (June to October) sees constant showers but also some spectacular thunderstorms; not only does rain cool you down on a warm day, but there are many waterfalls that will be flowing beautifully if your timing coincides.

-Finally, wintertime between November and February can see temperatures drop below 23 degrees - though December brings cooler days with Christmas lights adorning shops everywhere for those who want to experience the holiday in Thailand.

If you are organizing your own tour with Bamboo, there is no specific "best" month because it all depends on what type of vacationer you are and how long you plan to stay!

By following the CDC's travel guidelines, you should be able to plan your trip without any issues.

The answer to this question is completely dependent on your own personal preferences.

If you would like a pre-arranged itinerary, then yes; group tours can be the perfect way for those who don't want to plan anything in advance or have any knowledge of Thailand before arriving. You will get all the best experiences from our Bamboo Tours while being guided by an expert tour guide and support staff that will take care of everything so you won't need to worry about flights, hotels, transportation--you name it! If time is not really important to you though and you are looking for more flexibility with how much time you spend at each place on your trip.

There are no specific travel warnings for Thailand, but it is always a good idea to follow the CDC's guidelines before you leave.

The weather in Thailand can range from hot and humid (hot season) with temperatures reaching 40 degrees Celsius or more; rainy (rainy season); cold during wintertime--so we recommend packing a variety of clothes like shorts, sweaters/jackets, hats and sunglasses as well as comfortable shoes. There are also different cultural customs that visitors may not be aware of when entering into Buddhist temples and other holy places, so it's always best to be prepared!

The Bamboo experience is one exciting adventure in Thailand with a focus on personalized service

Thailand is an amazing country with so much to explore! You can find any kind of adventure that suits you from luxury tours through Bangkok's shopping malls all the way up to white water rafting adventures in rural Thailand--Bamboo Tours has it all covered! Whatever your preference may be, there are options out there for everyone looking to have an unforgettable experience abroad.

What to avoid in Thailand

Bamboo Tours wants to make sure that your Thailand group tour is one of the most memorable experiences you have. However, there are some things it's best not to do while exploring this country--and we're going to tell you what they are!

-Avoid wandering off on your own if at all possible.

-Don't eat anything from street vendors or unknown restaurants unless you want food poisoning (don't worry; our Bamboo team will provide meals for any tours).

-It may seem like a good idea during hot/rainy seasons but avoid drinking water without purifying first as bacteria and parasites can be lurking in the water supply.

Bamboo & Thailand

For over 15 years we have been working in thailand and know exactly what needs to be done when it comes to interacting with locals, how best to avoid any pitfalls and more importantly understand the culture.

We plan our Thailand group tours so that you can have a one-of-a-kind experience without having to worry about anything--we'll take care of everything!

Only Bamboo's team in Thailand has spent years exploring this country and we want you to benefit from our expertise by booking your tour today! We guarantee an unforgettable trip where no detail will go unnoticed or unplanned for. Only then can we provide a service that is convenient while also being authentic at the same time--the perfect conclusion for anyone looking for the ultimate Bangkok travel package deal.

If you want to experience a once-in-a-lifetime trip, go with Bamboo. We are an ethical and sustainable tour company that is committed to giving back to the people of Thailand in a meaningful way while delivering unforgettable memories for our travelers. You will not regret this decision! And if you're interested in booking your own adventure on one of these life-changing trips, click the button below or contact us today!

Bamboo currently has 3 tour(s) in Thailand:

Thailand Travel Hack

Hey there!

Firstly, on behalf of everybody at Bamboo, | would like to offer you our thanks for choosing to experience this incredible part of the world with us. We guarantee you an amazing time and we're all very much looking forward to meeting you in Bangkok soon.

| imagine that right now you're very excited about your upcoming adventure and this little guide has been put together to help you understand more about what will be happening, what to expect, how to plan and more. We guarantee your time with us will be  unforgettable from start to end.

Bamboo is growing as our style of ‘travel’ has proven to be the ‘way’ to travel. You are now a part of this journey and we welcome you with open arms and hearts. This growing experience is down to people like you, so do get stuck in, become part of our way of life, live every moment and take nothing for granted.

Peace, Love & Bamboo
Mark (& the other Panda, Colin)

This information is taken from the 2Countries Thailand and Cambodia 18+ Travel Hack and is intended to provide a guide of what to expect. For more specific information you can view our full hacks:
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A life-changing journey through the endless amazement that is Thailand

Three heart-filled and emotionally invigorating days supporting Thailand's elephants

Discover the majestic and mystical hill tribes of Northern Thailand

Optional day trek and bamboo rafting through stunning, serene and picturesque landscapes

Witness the stunning, has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed White Temple in Chiang Rai

Bicycle tour through the wondrous temples of ancient Ayutthaya

Authentic and traditional, mouth-watering Thai cuisine



Your passport MUST have at least 6 months validity from the date that you enter the country.

Depending on your country of citizenship you may be entitled to a 30-day visa-free entry into the Kingdom of Thailand. This means that you can simply turn up at the airport, present your passport and receive free entry for a maximum of 30 days.

These countries include the U.S.A, the U.K., Australia, Canada and most European nations.

To check if you're entitled to this, find your country in the following list:


Please be aware that you cannot obtain a visa for Thailand from within Thailand.


It is essential that you arrange travel insurance that provides suitable cover for the duration of your trip before you travel.

Bamboo offers a comprehensive policy through our partners, Chubb. Please contact us for more information.




Located in the heart of Bangkok's nightlife, your guesthouse includes free WiFi and air conditioning in every room. It is also equipped with a private western-style bathroom (no squatting)

Rooms here will be twin (2 separate beds) share. Double beds are also available on request.



Our Ayutthaya guesthouse accommodation will be twin share.

Each room offers a private western-style bathroom and air-conditioning.

There is free WiFi throughout the accommodation. The guesthouse also features and swimming pool and lounge chairs; the perfect place to relax after a day of exploring the city's ancient temples and ruins!

Chiang Rai


During our stay in Chiang Rai city, we'll be in a hotel where rooms will be twin share.

Accommodation includes a private bathroom with hot water and air-conditioning. Free WiFi is available throughout the resort.

Chiang Rai


Accommodations here are basic but a true representation of how the locals live. Thai style mattresses with mosquito nets will be provided to keep the bugs out at night.

Be prepared, there is no hot water, and Thai style toilets but this is the jungle after all! But trust us when we tell you that a cool shower after a long, hot day is the perfect remedy!

Chiang Mai


Rooms here will be twin share. All rooms include air conditioning, a satellite TV, a mini fridge and a private bathroom.

The hotel also offers a large pool, so feel free to take a dip!

Chiang Mai


Your accommodation at the sanctuary is basic but clean and comfortable. This is all a part of the full-on authentic, mahout experience!

All cabins have an outside sitting area where you can watch the elephants throughout the day...simply amazing!

Thai style mattresses are provided for all guests in addition to mosquito nets. There are shared bathrooms with western toilets and showers.

There is no hot water, but after a long hot day with the elephants, a simple shower is the only way to cool down!


When it comes to advice on how much money to bring, it’s impossible to say. All our intrepid explorers are very different. Where some go all out, others are on a budget. You can find both high end and budget restaurants, bars and shopping across Thailand.

Typical exchange rates are:

$1- 33 Thai Baht
£1 - 44 Thai Baht

ATMs, or cash machines, are prevalent throughout Thailand and will only issue Thai Baht, If you do plan to bring your ATM card with you, we recommend that you inform your bank. This may prevent your card being suspended due to irregular withdrawals.

We don’t recommend bringingtravelers cheques with you. The reason is that banks across Thailand have odd hours of operating, and it may cause unnecessary hassle finding a bank open when you wish to make a transaction.

Major credit cards are accepted across Thailand but less so outside of the major cities. Larger hotels and restaurants may accept credit cards, but in most places, cash is king.

Negotiating a purchase, known as "bartering", still happens in the tourist areas of Thailand. Outside of tourist areas, however, bartering is seen as disrespectful and the cost you're told is the cost you pay. If you’re unsure as to whether or not you can barter for a discount please speak to your guide or coordinator to avoid any unnecessary faux-pas.


Packing for a trip to the unknown is always tricky. It’s definitely worth doing a little bit of homework on this one and to consider local culture when deciding what clothes to bring. For example, Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, so dress modestly and respectfully. We live by the rule ‘lin, 1 out' meaning either shoulders or knees need to be covered at all times. In addition, it’s often customary to remove your shoes before entering a building in Asia, consider this if you plan to only bring lace-up footwear.

When working with the elephants, it’s highly like that your clothes will get dirty, sweaty and possibly torn so please keep this in mind. It’s very easy to buy cheap clothes from local markets here that will be more than suitable for your work. If at the end of your time on a project you no longer wish to hang on to the clothes please speak to your guide as we may be able to donate those clothes on your behalf.

Being such a religious country, temples and Buddhist monasteries are everywhere. If you plan to visit a few you will need to cover your shoulder and knees. This also goes for volunteering at any school or entering a government building of any kind.


Take off your shoes when you step indoors. Whether you're entering a temple or someone’s home, always take off your shoes. This also applies to some old-fashioned places of business, but not in most modern shops.

There is always the temptation to pack your backpack full to the top, but remember to save some room for anything you buy along the way.

Bringing too much can sometimes be worse than not bringing enough.

Many essentials like t-shirts and shorts are often cheaper on the road than on the high street.

You should also consider the weather. Thailand has two prominent weather seasons: "Hot & Dry" and "Hot & Wet". "Hot & Dry" usually runs from November to April, and "Hot and Wet" is then May to October. If you're arriving in January it can be relatively cool overnight with temperatures ranging from daytime highs of 33° to nighttime lows of 16°.

The daytime temperature in Thailand is quite consistent throughout the year with highs around 33-38°. The nighttime does vary with lows ranging from 16° in January and February to 28-30° for the rest of the year.



For up to date information about the best travel vaccinations to have before arriving in Thailand we urge you to contact your own GP, a travel health clinic or to check the World Health Organisations website. Bamboo are not medical professionals and therefore can't offer you medical advice.


Thanks to the world wide web we all now have access to great flight deals through websites such as Skyscanner, Google Flights and more. If you'd rather use the services of a booking agent, the likes of Trailfinders and Flight Centre are all available online.

To be eligible for the airport pick-up, please arrange your flight to arrive into Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport, on the Sunday that your tour starts between the hours of 6am and 8pm.

The tour ends two weeks later back in Bangkok. From there you'll need to make your own arrangements for onward travel.

Bangkok has 2 rather wonderful airports, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK) and Don Mueang International Airport (DMK) both accessible by taxi from your hotel.

Important Notice

Once you have booked and confirmed your flight to Thailand, please make sure that you have shared your flight arrival time and flight number with our team. Without those details, we will be unable to guarantee your collection on arrival.

Portable Chargers

Most airlines won't allow batteries in your check-in luggage, so if you're bringing a portable phone charger, please store it in your carry-on luggage.


Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport is one of the busiest airports in the world and can be a confusing place. Please read these details carefully so you are prepared for arrival.

Please be aware that there are two international airports in Bangkok (DMK and BKK). We are only able to meet travellers arriving at BKK (Suvarnabhumi airport).

You will need to complete an arrivals card when you land in Bangkok, before passing through immigration. This will ask for where you are staying in Thailand. The name and address of your first accommodation in Bangkok can be used and this will be confirmed to you via email approximately 14 days before your arrival; so please make a note of this when you receive it.

Once you have passed through immigration (Passport Control) you'll need to collect your luggage before heading through customs.

Once through you will enter the busy main arrivals area. Directly ahead of you will be a large wall of glass windows with numbered 'Exit' doors. At this point, please turn to your right and walk towards door number 3.

As you approach door 4, please keep a lookout for a member of our team who will be waiting between doors 4 and 3. They should be easily recognizable with their Bamboo t-shirt and will be holding a sign with the Bamboo logo.

Please bear in mind that we may be waiting for others to arrive, so your transfer to the hotel may not be immediate.


Bangkok to Ayutthaya

This first trip will take us from the capital city of Bangkok, north to Ayutthaya and we'll be travelling by air-conditioned bus or mini-van. We'll watch the country change from the skyscrapers of Bangkok to the pan-flat central plains of Thailand.

The two-hour trip is the perfect opportunity to catch up on some sleep, chat with your guides or to cement new friendships with others in your group.

Ayutthaya to Chiang Rai

The transfer from Ayutthaya to Chiang Rai will be made via a comfortable overnight VIP coach.

Leaving Ayutthaya in the evening, the journey will take approximately 10 hours and see us arrive into Chiang Rai early in the morning.

Chiang Rai to Hill Tribe Village

To get around Chiang Rai and to and from the Hill Tribe village, we will be travelling in the back of a local truck, known as a 'song-theaw’

Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai

For the journey between Chiang Rai and Chiang Mai, we are proud to use the services of Thailand's leading enviro-friendly, VIP public 'GreenBus’. It's a comfortable three to four hour journey, passing through some fantastic scenery.

Chiang Mai to Bangkok

For the journey between Chiang Mai and Bangkok, we will be travelling by a sleeper train. It will have blankets and pillows provided...you're welcome!


Any tour is only as good as the guide - fact. The input of a tour guide cannot be understated. Their input into your tour, their little insights, the off-the-beaten-track adventures, the knowledge and experiences that they share with you will make or break your time wherever you are in the world.

At Bamboo, we take the selection and training of our guides and coordinators very seriously. Each guide undertakes a structured training program of three months and only once we're convinced that they are genuine representatives of Bamboo are they signed up to the family.

Each of our tours has English-speaking guides to support you, answer your questions, educate you and to ensure that your time is unforgettable. From time to time we may have new guides-in-training on our tours. If you're lucky to have a trainee on your tour, please be patient. They are undergoing training and therefore their knowledge won't be that of the trained and experienced guide who will be accompanying them.

Although not in any way expected or encouraged, anybody who goes over and above the call of duty to ensure that you have the very best time, may deserve a special little thank you.

Did you have extra special service in a restaurant? Did the bus driver make an additional pit-stop just for you? Did your guide go out of the way so that you could experience something unique? At Bamboo we're firm believers in Karma - what goes around most definitely comes around!


The 'must brings’

1. An open mind

2. Backpack or suitcase with wheels

3. Iravel towel

4. Light, loose-fitting 'work' clothes (that you don't mind getting dirty!)

5. Long trousers & t-shirts

6. Flip flops or sandals

7. Trainers or sneakers

8. Day pack/bag

9. Insect spray

10. Hat & sunscreen

11. Reusable water bottle

12. Multi-use plug adapter

13. Portable phone charger

The 'can brings’

1. Medical Kit

2. Toiletries

3. Raincoat/waterproof jacket

4. Earplugs

5. Water shoes

6. Any home luxuries you simply can't live without

7. Card games or books

8. Respectful swimwear

9. Waterproof bag/ziploc bag


Your time in Chiang Rai will be spent interacting with and helping the hill tribes that populate this area. The two main goals that we are working towards are:

1. To support the local communities by improving general infrastructure
2. To reduce the risk of disease and illness by improving education and conditions

We ask that you join this project with an open mind and a strong work ethic. You may be required to work under hot, wet or humid conditions, but rest assured that your effort will be greatly appreciated by the communities that genuinely need our support.

If you have a particular set of skills you think would be useful, please let us know! If you've never done this type of work there's no need to worry! Our volunteering is open to anybody and everybody, no experience or skills are required.

You'll be working on different projects depending on weather conditions and the communities specific needs at the time of your arrival. A thorough introduction will be given to you once you've arrived in the village with your group and the current projects and activities will be explained.

To give you an idea of the sort of things you may be involved in, below are some previous project we have completed in Chiang Rai:

- Constructing a sanitation block
- Bringing much needed running water into areas of the village
- Working in the rice fields (harvesting, planting, etc.)
- Building roads


Welcome to a face-to-face encounter with Bamboo's favourite gentle giant! At the camp, our volunteers will be helping out with different projects from farming to development around the camp as well as having the opportunity to interact directly with the elephants.

This includes feeding, bathing and experiencing mud baths with these incredible animals! Just for the record and so there’s no confusion...


Your stay at the camp will be made even more enjoyable as you immerse yourself in the local lifestyle - you will really be able to experience nature, living in bamboo huts in the jungle, with shared bathrooms and refreshing cold showers.

You will also get to spend time swimming in waterfalls and exchanging stories around a bonfire - best day ever!

You will have the opportunity to get to know each of the remarkable elephants and gain a special understanding of their daily lives and behaviours.

Experience life with the elephants in their natural habitat - a freely roamed environment which is both safe and sustainable. You will walk alongside the elephants to a nearby river and join them for a bath in the refreshing water.

You will also be able to join the elephants while they enjoy wading through the mud bath. Feel free to get down and dirty as you cover the elephants in a protective layer of mud!

Bamboo currently has 3 tour(s) in Thailand: