Experience the infectious 'pura vida' culture of stunning Costa Rica on this adventure tour.

Every day is packed with awesomeness, but some of our highlights are:

Spending time on the beautiful Pacific Coast getting involved in a variety of conservation work to help save the country's endangered sea turtles
Cruising through Los Chiles Wildlife Refuge
Chilling out at the beach
 Visiting and helping out at an animal rescue centre

Costa Rica Frog


With 16 persons per group MAX! The exact cost of this tour is US $2497. This goes towards covering everything from in-country transport and accommodation to project fees and tour related activities (we really do cram it in!). Please note that your international flights are not included.


To secure your spot there are 2 simple payment options.

Option 1: Simply reduce your balance by US$500 and we will match it by US$500. Giving you US$1000 off the remaining balance due closer to when your tour starts.

You will also have the option to pay the rest of your balance in instalments. Just click here to save US$500!

Option 2: If you are not sure of what date you wish to travel then you might be interested in a Bamboo Travel Voucher that matches the amount you pay. Pay $50 get a $100 voucher, pay $250 get a $500 voucher, pay $500 get a $1000 voucher. It's valid for 3 years so you have time to consider the tour or date in your own time. Click here to find out more and purchase.

Costa Rica Sunset


Locations: San Jose, Pacific Coast, La Fortuna
Tour length: 12 days
Tour Cost: $2497
Start Day: Monday
Finish Day: The tour will end in San Jose on the Friday 12 days after your start date
Volunteer Work: Animal Rescue Centre and Turtle Project
Arrival Airport: Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)
Departure Airport: Juan Santamaria International Airport (SJO)
Group Size: Maximum 16
Minimum age: 18 
Going Solo?: over 70% of those on our tours start off as solo travellers
Available dates: Click here for dates

Nesting season for the turtles on the Pacific Coast is commonly between the months of July and December. This is normally when the turtles come ashore to nest and lay eggs on the beach. Please remember that the turtles are wild animals and sightings are never guaranteed, even during nesting season. The projects operate year round and vital work is always being carried out to support the conservation of the animals and their environment.


2 December 2019 (5 spots left)
3 February 2020 (5 spots left)
2 March 2020 (8 spots left)
6 July 2020 (5 spots left)
3 August 2020 (8 spots left)
7 September 2020 (12 spots left)

5 October 2020 (9 spots left)
4 November 2020 (4 spots left)
7 December 2020 (6 spots left)
4 January 2021 (13 spots left)
1 February 2021 (11 spots left)

1 March 2021 (15 spots left)
5 April 2021 (16 spots left)
5 July 2021 (6 spots left)
6 September 2021 (16 spots left)
1 November 2021 (16 spots left)

Save US $500

Costa Rica Turtle Underwater


- Airport pick-up and transfer on the tour start date between 6am and 6pm
- Full support from our expert English-speaking local guides
- All transfers outlined in the itinerary
- 13 nights' accommodation ranging from hotels to traditional homestays
- All tour activities
- Heaps of meals
- Full pre-departure support from our ace travel coordinators
- A flashy Travel Hack packed full of helpful advice
- Donation to the marine conservation project

Costa Rica Sloth


You'll be staying in various accommodation types throughout your trip. At the turtle conservation project, the accommodation is basic but comfortable. This will be bunk bed, dorm-style accommodation with shared bathroom facilities. There are no towels provided here so it is important to bring your own.

At the rest of the locations, you will be staying in either hotels or guesthouses in shared rooms (sleeping two to four). 

Wi-Fi is available in each place we stay, although not the most reliable!

If you need to have your laundry done, there are local services that are low-cost and, unlike the WiFi, are reliable.

Bamboo Costa Rica Turtle



It’s finally here - the commencement of your epic journey starts today. When you land and have gone through all the usual rumble and tumble of airport formalities, one of our hearty and forever-smiling guides will be waiting to greet you with a hug, smile and Bamboo hi-5!  

They will be very noticeable as they sport their Bamboo colours or wave the Bamboo flag - yes, we have flags. You’ll then be whisked off to the accommodation to get rested and refreshed. 
There will be an informal meet & greet for those of you feeling energised enough tonight. Let the adventure begin! 

They will be very noticeable as they sport their Bamboo colours or wave the Bamboo flag - yes, we have flags. You’ll then be whisked off to the accommodation to get rested and refreshed. 


To kick off today, we will gather you all for an in-depth orientation. We'll explain some do's and don'ts, the culture and customs as well as offer some tips to help you get the most out of this trip. 

It's then off to the animal rescue centre, located about an hour and a half away from San Jose city. We'll have a brief look around and learn about the work going on to protect the country's flora and fauna. 

Once we are all happy and in the know, we will head back to our lodging for a relaxing afternoon before heading out for a welcome dinner together. 

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Today we will head to the animal rescue centre and get straight into feeding, cleaning cages, and learning more about the country's ecosystem and animals. 

We will spend tonight back in San Jose and enjoy an evening walk around downtown, checking out the shops and seeing the sights and monuments, You'll feel like a local in no time! 

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch


After breakfast, it's time to get on the road and head off to the Pacific Coast! 

On arrival at the conservation project we'll have a chat about the work that's going on here to save Costa Rica's turtle population. 

Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner


Working with a local award-winning initiative, we will be doing a variety of tasks that not only focus on the turtle population but also the education of the local community. 

Scarlet Macaw Costa Rica


The beaches of this area are stunning and have been the fertile breeding grounds for these turtles for thousands of years. Together we'll work to reverse the negative effects that humans have created and ensure that these legendary creatures continue to have a safe and sacred land for breeding. 

Whether you're involved with beach clean ups, night patrols or educating the local community, each and every task will play and important part towards the overall goal of improving the lives, and sustaining the population of Costa Rica's sea turtles. 

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


This morning we'll bid farewell to the coast and set off on our 300 kilometre journey to the picturesque town of La Fortuna. 

Famous for it's active volcano, lake and hot springs, the surrounding vistas are like something from Jurassic Park, all that's missing are the dinos!  

We'll start off our stay here with an introductory tour of the local flora and fauna before settling into our accommodation for the night. 

Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner 


Today we get our adventure on with a hike in the Arenal Volcano National Park.  

Learn about the history of the area, witness remaining lava rocks from the last eruption and get ready for some amazing views!  

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch


An amazing boat adventure awaits in the marshy wildlife refuge of Los Chiles. Just a couple of hours from La Fortuna, here lies one of the world's most biodiverse animal habitats.  

Cruising along the river in this nature lovers paradise, we'll be looking out for numerous bird, reptile and plant species. 

Meals included: Breakfast & Lunch


After our last jungle breakfast, we're heading back to the beginning, back to where it all started with a road trip to San Jose. 

But the fun doesn't end just yet, we have a final night-out to give Costa Rica the send-off it truly deserves!  

Meals included: Breakfast & Dinner


It's over...the end! Trust us, you won't believe how much you've done, how much you've experienced, how many new friends you've made and how soon you want to be back here in this magical country. 

Hugs, back-slaps and hi-5's all around, along with that final team photo – the memory that'll last forever.  

Meals included: Breakfast

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Save US $500

Costa Rica Turtle


1 - What isn't included?

In short – anything that's not on the "What's included?" list in the info pack and this guide! The main things you’ll absolutely need to get that aren't included are:

International flights – we have people join us from all over the world so we leave these flexible so you can choose the departure airport and airline that suits you best.
Travel insurance – you can choose your own travel insurance or we can organize this for you. You can find details on the travel insurance here and will be able to add this on to your booking when you pay your program fee.
Visas – depending on the passport you hold you may need to get a visa before you travel. Please see below for more info on visas.

2 - How should I book my flights?

There are great online resources like www.skyscanner.com or google.com/flights. If you'd like to speak to an agent, you can contact our friends at STA Travel by completing an online form here: STA Flights


You need to book a flight that lands into San Jose's International airport (airport code SJO) on the Monday that the tour starts. Providing you arrive on this day (between the hours of 8am and 6pm), one of the team will then be there to meet you on arrival and take you back to the hostel in the city. 

If you arrive before your Monday start date, you will need additional accommodation. We can book this for you and you will just need to make your own way there from the airport and pay on arrival.


The tour will end in San Jose on the Friday 12 days later so you need to make your arrangements from there that day. If you are extending your stay with us your departure arrangements may be different. Please check with us if you are unsure.

3 - Do I need a visa?

Passport holders of many countries do not need to get a visa to travel to Costa Rica for stays of up to 30 or 90 days. A quick Google search will tell you whether you need a visa or not. 

4 - How much spending money will I need?

This largely depends on you. All the breakfasts throughout the tour are included as are all of the meals whilst you are volunteering. The rest of the meals are up to you and if you are having local meals it will cost a couple of dollars, if you prefer western food it will be more depending on where you eat. You should bring some USD dollars with you to exchange, but you will also be able to withdraw more from cash points in the major cities whilst you are away.

Costa Rica Green Frog


5 - Do I need vaccinations?

This depends on your home country and your vaccination history. You should visit a local travel clinic and see what they recommend.

6 - What are the Payment options?

To secure your spot there are 2 simple payment options.

Option 1: Pay a US$250 deposit today and the remainder is due 90 days before your tour starts (you will also have the option to pay the rest of your balance in instalments).

Option 2: If you are not sure of what date you wish to travel then you might be interested in a Bamboo Travel Voucher that matches the amount you pay. Pay $50 get a $100 voucher, pay $250 get a $500 voucher, pay $500 get a $1000 voucher. It's valid for 3 years so you have time to consider the tour or date in your own time. Click here to find out more and purchase.

7 - Is Costa Rica safe?

Like any country in the world, there will always be some dangers (even when in your home country!) and it is important to exercise common sense, particularly when in major cities and tourist destinations. However, Costa Rica is a very safe country to travel in and around. You’ll also be with our award-winning team throughout your stay and will be travelling with a group.

8 - What currency is the tour in?

All of our prices are in USD. If you would like to see what this is in your local currency you can use a conversion site such as www.xe.com which will give you the current exchange rate. Please bear in mind that the amount will be taken in USD when you pay and exchange rates will fluctuate.

9 - How can I be sure this is not a scam?

We have been operating for over 15 years, have placed over 25,000 volunteers and have an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge and passion! But don't just take our word for it - if you visit our website Verifications Page you can see our accreditation and recommendations for different worldwide organizations. You can also visit our Facebook page to see reviews from previous travelers and volunteers.

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