You HAVE to see Nepal. This 14-day tour offers an incredible opportunity to experience the richness of this country's culture, history and scenery across three amazing locations. Starting in the temple-dotted capital of Kathmandu, you'll also spend time in Pokhara and Chitwan National Park. All in the shadow of those breathtaking Himalaya mountains.

Every day is packed with awesomeness, but some of our highlights are:

City tour of crazy Kathmandu
See the Himalayas with your own two eyes!
Get off the beaten track and meet authentic Nepali Communities
Relax in the stunning lakeside town of Pokhara
Explore the jungles of Chitwan National Park
Embrace a beautiful culture
Connect with a community at our projects, or trek through the stunning Annapurna mountain range
 Dig in - eat your Daal Bhat like the locals (with your hands)
 Meet the children of Shining Stars who we support

Nepal Children


With 12 (15 trekking) persons per group MAX! The exact cost of this tour is US $1997. This goes towards covering everything from in-country transport and accommodation to project fees and tour related activities (we really do cram it in!). Please note that your international flights are not included.

To secure your spot you pay a deposit of US $250 (you can then pay the rest in weekly instalments or 90 days before the tour).

**Please note there is a US $200 supplement for the trekking option

Dhaulagiri Backdrop


Locations: Kathmandu, Pokhara, Chitwan National Park
Tour Length: 14 days
Tour Cost: $1997 (volunteering) $2197 (trekking)
Start Date: The tour will start in Kathmandu on Thursday
Finish Date: The tour will end in Kathmandu on Wednesday, 14 days after your start date
Arrival Airport: Kathmandu (Tribhuvan) International Airport (KTM)
Departure Airport: Kathmandu International Airport (KTM)
Group Size: Maximum of 12 pax for volunteering and 15 pax for trekking
Average age range: 50-75
Going Solo?: Over 70% of those on our tours start off as solo travellers
Available dates: Click here for dates


21 March 2019
7 trekking spots left
0 volunteering spots left

18 April 2019
13 trekking spots left
12 volunteering spots left

16 May 2019
15 trekking spots left
10 volunteering spots left

19 September 2019
12 trekking spots left
13 volunteering spots left

17 October 2019
0 trekking spots left
2 volunteering spots left

21 November 2019
8 trekking spots left
8 volunteering spots left

16 January 2020
15 trekking spots left
12 volunteering spots left

20 February 2020
15 trekking spots left
12 volunteering spots left

19 March 2020
14 trekking spots left
11 volunteering spots left

16 April 2020
15 trekking spots left
12 volunteering spots left

21 May 2020
15 trekking spots left
12 volunteering spots left

17 September 2020
15 trekking spots left
11 volunteering spots left

15 October 2020
15 trekking spots left
11 volunteering spots left

19 November 2020
15 trekking spots left
12 volunteering spots left

Mountains Nepal


- All accommodation
- All in-country transport
- 24/7 support from our experienced local guides
- All tour activities included in the itinerary
- Heaps of meals!
- Project donation
- Full pre-departure support from our ace travel coordinators
- A flashy Travel Hack packed full of helpful advice

Nepal Tooth Cleaning


Whilst in Kathmandu and Pokhara City you will be staying in comfortable guest houses with hot showers, western bathrooms and air-conditioning. Rooms will be twin to quad shared.

Volunteering option: 

For those doing the volunteering option you will be staying in a traditional homestay living with one of the families in the village. Rooms will be twin sharing with single beds and Nepali style mattresses. Traditional washing facilities and bathrooms will be available. No aircon, hot water or WIFI. It is a very authentic but magical experience. 

Trekking option:

For those doing the trekking option the housing will be more basic and you will be staying at Tea Houses. You will be sharing a room that will have single beds with hard mattresses and pillows. It is essential you bring a sleeping bag along with you. All housing will have a communal outside toilet. 


WiFi is available in Kathmandu, Pokhara city and in some teahouses during the trekking. There is no WIFI during your volunteering in the village.


You can use the local laundry services that are quick, cheap and good in Kathmandu and Pokhara.




Arrive in Kathmandu and transfer to your hotel. Once you've been picked up and you're checked into the guesthouse, the remainder of the day is free for you to do as you please.

In the evening, there will be a very informal get-together for those who are already here. This is a great way to break the ice, over a cold beer and chat about just how insanely excited you are to be in Nepal!


After breakfast, we'll have a group orientation. This will be a chance for our team to run through the itinerary with you and answer any of your burning questions. We'll take you through the day to day stuff, explain more about the group split on day 3, give you a few hints and tips on culture, customs and traditions and make sure that you're set to get the most from your time with us.

The day will continue with a tour of Patan and a quick visit to the incredible Shining Stars Children's Home. We will also have a lovely dinner with the children, where you can hear their stories and get to know them.  

Meals Included: Breakfast & Dinner


Today we will be making our way to the beautiful Pokhara, which will take around 7 hours. If weather permits, we will get the chance to take a boat across teh stunning lake and hike up the hill to visit the Peace Pagoda. 

Meals Included: Breakfast


Option 1 - Let's get trekking!

It's time!! On the morning of day 4 we will drive to Khande which will take around 45 minutes to begin the incredible trek across the Annapurna mountain range.

We will be climbing through the jungle, passing local villages and experiencing breathtaking views along the way. We will have plenty of stops during the day including lunch and to set up camp each night. Don't worry you will be accompanied by experienced guides throughout your trek to help you with anything you need.

You will be trekking for approximately 36hrs spread across the 6 days, starting at around 1800m and reaching a highest altitude of 4450m at Mardi Himal Base Camp.

The trek is a mixture of steep climbs and gentle inclines, make sure you bring suitable footwear and drink enough water throughout each day.

You may be lucky enough to catch glimpses of some of the abundant wildlife including deer, monkey and many species of birds that all live in this dense jungle. 

After the final bit of trekking on day 11 you will transfer back to Pokhara and meet up with those who have been living in the local village volunteering. You'll have an evening of swapping stories, photos and laughs about how your last 6 days were spent and get ready for the next part of your adventure back together.

Nepal Temple



Option 2 - Volunteering.

At the time of writing this, we cannot give you absolute, definitive, 100% nailed down details of the volunteering projects you'll be working on. It would actually be quite remiss of us to tell you now exactly what you would be doing months in advance as it's highly likely that what we plan to do will change in the coming weeks! We're not being awkward but when you are working in a developing country, plans tend to mean very little when it comes to helping others. Fear not, however, we are working with one of the most respected NGOs in Nepal, who have many years and thousands of hours' experience in working in these communities.

This is a general breakdown of the volunteering activities that we have agreed to help with:

1. Classroom and school decoration as well as setting up school libraries (as per the need of school management committee)

2. Basic maintenance work within the schools, health posts, communal buildings and youth clubs

3. Community developement such as building water wells for the local people of the village 

4. Activities such as environmental awareness, health awareness, sports and maybe even raising awareness of child marriage with women groups and/or youth clubs

The actual work will depend on various 'factors' such as where the work is most needed at the time your group arrives, the size of your group, logistics in Pokhara, budgets and more. If you have a particular skill that you feel could be put to good use, please let us know. We can't promise that it can be utilized but we'll do our best for you. We guarantee that you'll be working where needed. We won't waste your time, our time, the NGOs time or the time of those people that our work will directly aid.

On day 10 you will transfer back to Pokhara and meet up with those hearty souls who chose the trekking option. You'll have an evening of swapping stories, photos and laughs about how your last 6 days were spent and get ready for the next part of your adventure back together.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

*** Dinner is not included on day 10 for volunteering or trekking


We will begin the day with an early start at one of the most famous view points to gaze in awe at the breaktaking sunrise over the mountains.

The rest of the day is yours to explore as you please. Do some shopping, visit the local coffee shops or even experience a spot of Paragliding, whatever you choose our team can help you arrange. 

Meals Included: Breakfast


After breakfast it is time to head back to Kathmandu via a short flight.

On arrival back in the capital you have the afternoon to grab some last minute souvenirs or capture more amazing photos before our final group dinner!

Meals Included: Breakfast 


We are going to let oyu off your leash in kathmandu to discover what all thi shippie town has to offer, from Boudhanath Stupa to stunning markets. The monkey temple might be the most hidden gem in all of Asia!

Meals Included: Breakfast


It's over - OMG! There will be time over breakfast to swap phone numbers, emails and memories before a tidal wave of hugs and hi-5's! It's going to be emotional but we promise that you'll be completely in awe of every second that you've spent with our team here.

For those of you who need to head back to the airport, we can help you arrange transport. For those sticking around to discover Nepal further, our team will be there to answer any questions that you have and to make sure you're armed with all of the information that you need to go it alone.



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Secure your spot

Nepal Tour Mountains


1. What isn't included?

In short – anything that's not on the "What's included?" list in the info pack! The main things you’ll absolutely need to get that aren't included are:

International flights – we have people join us from all over the world so we leave these flexible so you can choose the departure airport and airline that suits you best.
Travel insurance – you can choose your own travel insurance or we can organize this for you. You can find details on the travel insurance here and will be able to add this on to your booking when you pay your program fee. Please note that if you are doing the trekking option, your insurance must cover you to the highest elevation of the trek and include emergency evacuation.
Visas – depending on the passport you hold you may need to get a visa before you travel. Please see section 3 for more info on visas.

2. How should I book my flights?

There are great online resources like or If you'd like to speak to an agent, you can contact our friends at STA Travel by completing an online form here: STA Flights


You need to book a flight that lands into Kathmandu's Tribhuvan airport (airport code KTM) on your tour start date. Providing you arrive on this day between the hours of 6am and 8pm, one of the team will be there to meet you on arrival and take you back to the hotel in the city.

If you arrive before the official start date, you will need additional accommodation. We can book this for you and you will just need to make your own way there from the airport and pay on arrival.


Your tour will end on day 14 in Kathmandu so you need to make your departure arrangements from there that day at any time.

3. What kind of visa do I need?

Passport holders of several countries can get a visa on arrival into Nepal for approximately USD $35 meaning you will not need to get a visa before you travel. A quick Google search will tell you whether you need a visa before travel or if you can get it on arrival and any additional requirements. 

4. How much spending money will I need?

This largely depends on you. All the breakfasts throughout the tour are included as are some other meals. Any meals not stated in your guide are up to you to purchase, if you are having local meals it will cost a couple of dollars, if you prefer western food it will be more depending on where you eat.

Make sure you bring some cash with you to change into the local currency (Nepalese Rupee) but you will also be able to withdraw more from cash points in the major cities whilst you are away.

Nepal Hugs



This depends on your home country and your vaccination history. You should visit a local travel clinic and see what they recommend.


There is no deadline for paying the USD $250 deposit but we cannot secure your place until we have received this. Places are limited and this is our most popular tour so we recommend you do this as soon as possible to be sure of a spot. Once we have received your deposit we will send you a confirmation email. If you do not receive this within 48 hours please check your junk/spam email folders and let us know if you cannot see it.


Your final balance is due 90 days before you travel. We will send you an email shortly after you have secured a spot offering you two options for payment. You can either pay the program fee in full (at any point before the date it is due) or you can can set up weekly installments to pay a small amount off regularly until it is paid in full. You can choose either of these with or without travel insurance. Any changes to your trip must be made more than 90 days before you travel.


Like any country in the world, there will always be some dangers (even when in your home country!) and it is important to exercise common sense, particularly when in major cities and tourist destinations. However, Nepal is a very safe country to travel in and around. You’ll also be with our experienced team throughout your stay and will be travelling with a group.


All of our prices are in USD. If you would like to see what this is in your local currency you can use a conversion site such as which will give you the current exchange rate. Please bear in mind that the amount will be taken in USD when you pay and exchange rates will fluctuate.


We have been operating for over 15 years, have placed over 25,000 volunteers and have an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge and passion! But don't just take our word for it - if you visit our website verification page you can see our accreditation and recommendations for different worldwide organizations. You can also visit our Facebook page to see reviews from previous travelers and volunteers.

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