Crystal blue beaches and lagoons, pearl white sands and dunes. Set against one of the most serene backdrops in the world: Bamboo welcomes you to Discover Tahiti.

Every day is packed with activities and views that would rival the backdrop of a God's holiday home, but some of our highlights include:

 Swimming with sharks and rays (the safe type, not the bitey type)
 Discovering the real life of the Polynesian islanders by experiencing their life in the jungle
 A sunset boat party
 Experiencing the underwater civilisations within Moorea's incredible lagoon
 Swimming in crystal blue waters


Tahiti Stingray


With 12 persons per group MAX! The exact cost of this tour is US $2997. This goes towards covering everything from in-country transport and accommodation to project fees and tour-related activities (we really do cram it in!). Please note that your international flights are not included in the above price.


To secure your spot there are 2 simple payment options.

Option 1: Simply reduce your balance by US$500 and we will match it by US$500. Giving you US$1000 off the remaining balance due closer to when your tour starts.

You will also have the option to pay the rest of your balance in instalments. Just click here to save US$500!

Option 2: If you are not sure of what date you wish to travel then you might be interested in a Bamboo Travel Voucher that matches the amount you pay. Pay $50 get a $100 voucher, pay $250 get a $500 voucher, pay $500 get a $1000 voucher. It's valid for 3 years so you have time to consider the tour or date in your own time. Click here to find out more and purchase.

Tahiti Villas


Locations: 4 Locations (Papeete, Moorea, Fare Hape, Teahupoo)
Tour Length: 10 days
Tour Cost: $2997
Finish date: Sunday
Volunteer Work: Marine Conservation
Arrival Airport: Fa'a'a airport (PPT)
Departure Airport: Fa'a'a airport (PPT)
Group Size: Maximum 12
Average age range: 50-75
Going Solo?: Over 70% of those on our tours start off as solo travellers
Available dates: Click here for dates




3 April 2020 (4 spots left)
22 May 2020 (full)
26 June 2020 (5 spots left)
3 July 2020 (10 spots left)
14 August 2020 (6 spots left)
11 September 2020 (4 spots left)
16 October 2020 (1 spots left)

20 November 2020 (11 spots left)
12 February 2021 (11 spots left)
19 March 2021 (2 spots left)
16 April 2021 (5 spots left)
21 May 2021 (6 spots left)
18 June 2021 (10 spots left)
23 July 2021 (3 spots left)

30 July 2021 (12 spots left)
17 September 2021 (8 spots left)
22 October 2021 (9 spots left)
18 February 2022 (8 spots left)
22 April 2022 (11 spots left)
3 June 2022 (10 spots left)

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Tahiti Bamboo Flag


- Airport pick-up and transfer on arrival into Tahiti (if arriving on the tour start date between 6am and 8pm)
- An in-depth orientation on the morning of day 2
- Full support from our expert English-speaking local guides
- All transfers outlined in the itinerary
- 9 nights' accommodation ranging from hotels to traditional homestays
- All tour activities
- Heaps of meals
- Full pre-departure support from our ace travel coordinators
- A flashy Travel Hack packed full of helpful advice
- Donation to the marine conservation project

Discover Tahiti Music


Accommodation throughout the tour is shared and you will be sharing rooms with other members of the group. If you would like to enquire about upgrading to a private room, please contact us to check availability and costs.

Airport Motel (Tahiti Island): Located close to the airport, this hotel is your first destination and the perfect place to rest and refresh after what will have likely been a very long journey to the island. Be honest, how much wine did you drink during the flight? Twin and double rooms here feature air-conditioning, fridge and WiFi. The hotel is not far from coffee shops, grocey stores, pharmacies, restaurants, a bus stop and, of course, the airport.

Haapiti (Moorea Island): Everyone dreams of living on the beach, right? We'll be lounging at a beautiful, family owned house here in Haapiti on the island of Moorea. You'll all be bedding in together here in shared rooms with shared bathrooms . There's free WiFi and all bedding is supplied. There's also free-use of the hotel's snorkeling gear, outrigger canoe and kayaks, just in case you need to start your day in the sea! Location-wise, the house is a stone's throw from the water and just a few minutes from white-sand beaches. 

Fare Hape (Tahiti Island): Without a doubt one of the most unforgettable experiences on this tour will be your time at Fare Hape. The accommodation is as basic as you would expect: Shared rooms in wooden houses, sleeping beneath a mosquito net, shared bathrooms and snuggling up to a wool blanket because of the unexpected cold in the Polynesian mountains. All bedding is supplied but please, please, please bring a pair of warm pjs as the nights here get chilly. This village is about as remote as it gets so something as simple as a restaurant will require a bit of a walk. That said, we won't be too removed from the modern world. You'll have access to internet, food and even a billiards table for the pool sharks.

Teahupoo (Tahiti Island): In this spacious bed and breakfast, you will enjoy the simplicity of living in the valleys between Tahitian mountains and sea in a family owned property. The owners will welcome you into their own family. The rooms are twin share with private bathrooms and fans. Located on a quiet road amongst coconut trees and colorful gardens, the hotel offers and element of isolation in the countryside. The family's neighbor adds to the friendly atmosphere and she's been known to cook up some fresh fish for our get on her good side!


Breakfast is included each day as well as some other meals as stated in the itinerary.

Discover Tahiti Lagoon



The excitement, the anticipation, the slight anxiety over the trip can finally end. Today your tour to one of the most exclusive, most remote, and most beautiful places in the world, Tahiti, begins. 

When you arrive in Papeete, one of our maverick tour guides will collect you from the airport and escort you to the hotel where you can shower, put the jet-lag to bed, and ready yourself for the adventure (please note, check-in is from 2pm).


Our day begins with a bit of a formality. We'll sit you down and explain the entire tour—what we do, what we expect, how you can have a kick-ass time with Bamboo. We'll also ease any anxieties you may have about being here—we get it, it's an isolated island. 

Once through the orientation, we'll jump right into our first project - its a mix of beach clean up, plastic pollution awareness and ART. 

From there, we'll head to Moorea and get ready to be amazed by the beauty that it has! This place is paradise and you will quickly see why. 

In the evening, we will have a welcome meal - Moorea style. Get your taste buds ready to be blown away! 

Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner


Waking up to the sound of the ocean is a cure all, so saok it in and get geared up for the action packed day! We are going to get up close and personal with some locals...SHARKS! 

There is no guarantee that you will meet them but our guides will do their best to get you some encounters with these magnificent creatures. 

After a morning of marine life 101, we will have a picnic like no other. We want to keep some of the tour a surprise, so thats all we will say! 

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


This morning, the difference-making begins. 

The NGO will have us cutting and preserving coral reefs, cleaning the island's beach fronts and teaching local people the importance of sustainability and environmentalism.

Meals included: Breakfast


Today we are all heading back to the island of Tahiti and taking a trip to one of French Polynesia's most sacred destinations: Fare Hape.

Crossing from Moorea to Tahiti by boat, we'll then hop on an epic 4x4 jeep journey into the center of the island to spend the next two days at a secluded, ancient village hidden in the mountains and jungle.

For thousands of years, Fare Hape was virtually untouched by the western world, and the sacred Polynesian rituals and beliefs lie at the heart of Tahitian values. The day's highlights center around understanding this 1,000s-year-old culture, including astronavigation, and simply building old-world houses from natural materials.

We'll also introduce you to the local Haururu organization who invests and protects the island's sacred grounds. While here, they'll have you constructing Polynesian homes, planting medicinal herbs, clearing the jungle, river damming, and essentially helping to build the infrastructure for an entire irrigation system—high-level tasks for a volunteer...but you're BamFam, so this shouldn't be daunting.

Discover Tahiti Tree


Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Yesterday we learned about the jungle and today we'll explore it. Wandering through like Tarzan and Jane, we'll follow the sounds of the jungle, tracing animals, and veering towards the faint crashes in the distance. The crashes, of course, can only mean one thing: Waterfalls. Who's up for a swim?

After a dip (and lunch), it's back to Fare Hape to continue our projects. The houses ain't going to build themselves.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Bidding farewell to the local people of Fare Hape, we head off to the remote area of Teahupoo on the south-east coast of the island.

On our way to Teahupoo, we will make a stop at the "Cultural Centre" in Papara. Get your dancing shoes on and drumming hands ready, cause we will learn driectly from the locals all about their island rhythm. 

The day concludes with even more relaxing and even more stunning sunsets and even more delicious meals and even more drinks...because that's just life in this paradise.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner


Rise and shine because we have a day full of adventure! We will whisk you off for another day full of adventure and beauty on this unique boat tour! The gorgeous caves of Vaipori await you. 

Lunch will be cooked fresh from the boat deck and give you chance to relish in the fact that you are eating your lunch...on a Teahupoo!

Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch


We're taking off the Bamboo ball-and-chain and letting you into the wild world of Teahupoo this morning. Packed with one-of-a-kind nature, feel free to explore the surrounding waterfalls, go hiking, kayaking, or even just spend the morning sun-tanning along the waterfront. Just get back by early afternoon so we can shuttle you to Papeete, where we'll gather for our final group meal and toast to Tahiti...on our private boat, of course.

Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner

DAY 10 (SUNDAY): DEPARTURE DAY we even want to address the good-bye? We've reached the end of the tour but only the beginning of our friendships. Don't be sad it's over because the Tahiti adventure will forever live inside each of us. We'll snap a final group photo, which we'll then keep under our pillow case, only to look at late at night and remember the fun we had.

Beyond that, we'll help you arrange any transport you may need to the airport and see you off to your next destination, be it home, another leg of your vacation, or back to the bungalow where you contemplated moving just days ago!

Just remember that, with Bamboo and Discover Tahiti, you're leaving a legacy for the causes we've supported, and we hope Polynesian culture will hold an extraordinary place in each of your hearts and souls forever.

Meals included: Breakfast

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Discover Tahiti Lagoon


1 - What isn't included?
In short - anything that’s not on the "What's included?" list in the info pack! The main things you’ll absolutely need to get that aren’t included are:
International flights - we have people join us from all over the world so we leave these flexible so you can choose the departure airport and airline that suits you best.
Travel Insurance - you can choose your own travel insurance, or we can organise this for you. You can find details on the travel insurance here and will be able to add this onto your booking when you pay your program fee.
Visas – depending on the passport you hold you may need to get a visa before you travel. Please see below for more info on visas.

2 - How should I book my flights?

You need to book a flight that lands into the capitial city of Papeete on Tahiti island (Fa'a'ā International Airport) PPT on the Friday that the tour starts, between 6am and 11pm. Providing you arrive between these hours on this day, one of the team will then be there to meet you on arrival and take you back to the hotel. If you arrive later than 11pm on the Friday start date, we will organise an airport pickup without a Bamboo representative to meet you.

If you arrive before your Friday start date, you will need additional accommodation. We can book this for you, at your own expense and you will just need to make your own way there from the airport.

This tour will end on the Sunday 10 days later in Papeete, so you need to make your departure arrangements from there that day.

3 - Do I need a visa?
Depending on your country of citizenship you may be entitled to a 90-day visa-free entry into French Polynesia (Tahiti and her islands). A quick Google search will tell you whether you need a visa or not.

4 - Do you need my flight details?

Absolutely! We need to know which flight you're arriving in on so that we can arrange your airport pick up. Please submit your details to us 1 month BEFORE you are due to arrive. If we don't receive your flight arrival date, time and flight number then we can't guarantee your pick up and you will need to make your own way to the start of your tour.

5 - Travel Insurance
Whether you purchase your travel insurance through us or whether you arrange your own, you will need to BRING A COPY OF YOUR POLICY with you. You'll also need to make sure that you can access enough money to pay for any medical treatment required while travelling with us as most insurance policies require you to pay first and claim the money back afterwards.

Discover Tahiti Boat

6 - How much spending money will I need?
This largely depends on you. Lots of breakfasts throughout the tour are included, along with a couple of dinners. The rest of the meals are up to you, and if you are having local meals it will cost a couple of dollars, if you prefer western food, it will be more depending on where you eat.

7 - Do I need vaccinations?
This depends on your home country and your vaccination history. You should visit a local travel clinic and see what they recommend.

8 - What are the Payment options?

To secure your spot there are 2 simple payment options.

Option 1: Pay a US$250 deposit today and the remainder is due 90 days before your tour starts (you will also have the option to pay the rest of your balance in instalments).

Option 2: If you are not sure of what date you wish to travel then you might be interested in a Bamboo Travel Voucher that matches the amount you pay. Pay $50 get a $100 voucher, pay $250 get a $500 voucher, pay $500 get a $1000 voucher. It's valid for 3 years so you have time to consider the tour or date in your own time. Click here to find out more and purchase.

9 - Is Tahiti safe?
Like any country in the world, there will always be some dangers (even when in your home country!), and it is important to exercise common sense, particularly when in major cities and tourist destinations. However, the French Polynesia is a very safe country to travel in and around. You’ll also be with our award-winning team throughout your stay and will be travelling with a group.

10 - What currency are your prices?
All of our prices are in USD. If you would like to see what this is in your local currency, you can use a conversion site such as which will give you the current exchange rate. Please bear in mind that the amount will be taken in USD when you pay and exchange rates will fluctuate.

11 - How can I be sure this is not a scam?
We have been operating for over 15 years, have sent over 25,000 travelers and have an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge and passion! But don’t just take our word for it - if you visit our website Verification Page, you can see our accreditation and recommendations for different worldwide organisations. You can also visit our Facebook page to see reviews from previous travellers and volunteers.

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