Embrace the enchanting Thai culture through adventure, exploration and Giving Back whilst having a darn good time on this two-week tour! You'll take in cities both ancient and new, temples, mountain and lush jungles. And let's not forget those elephants...

Everyday is packed with awesomeness, but some of our highlights are:

River of Kings tour of Bangkok
Visit the ancient temples of Ayutthaya
Partying on the infamous Khao San Road
Get down and dirty in the jungles of Chiang Rai
Experience a real homestay experience in the mystical hill tribes
Get up close and personal with Chiang Mai's beautiful elephants
Embrace a beautiful culture
Bamboo rafting through the most incredible scenery

Bamboo Thailand Tour


With 20 persons per group MAX! The exact cost of this tour is US $1997. This goes towards covering everything from in-country transport and accommodation to project fees and tour-related activities (we really do cram it in!). Please note that your international flights are not included in the above price.


To secure your spot there are 2 simple payment options.

Option 1: Simply reduce your balance by US$500 and we will match it by US$500. Giving you US$1000 off the remaining balance due closer to when your tour starts.

You will also have the option to pay the rest of your balance in instalments. Just click here to save US$500!

Option 2: If you are not sure of what date you wish to travel then you might be interested in a Bamboo Travel Voucher that matches the amount you pay. Pay $50 get a $100 voucher, pay $250 get a $500 voucher, pay $500 get a $1000 voucher. It's valid for 3 years so you have time to consider the tour or date in your own time. Click here to find out more and purchase.

Fast Facts


Locations: Bangkok, Ayutthaya, Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai, Bangkok
Tour Length: 14 days
Tour Cost: $1997
Finish Date: The tour will end on the Saturday two weeks after your start date
Volunteer Work: Development and ELEPHANTS!
Arrival Airport: Bangkok International Airport (BKK)
Departure Airport: Bangkok International Airport (BKK)
Group Size: Maximum 20
Minimum age: 18
Going Solo?: Over 70% of those on our tours start off as solo travellers
Available dates: Click here for dates


10 November 2019 (1 spots left)
1 December 2019 (7 spots left)
5 January 2020 (8 spots left)
2 February 2020 (1 spots left)
1 March 2020 (2 spots left)
3 May 2020 (9 spots left)
7 June 2020 (3 spots left)

5 July 2020 (6 spots left)
2 August 2020 (6 spots left)
6 September 2020 (16 spots left)
4 October 2020 (14 spots left)
1 November 2020 (8 spots left)
6 December 2020 (11 spots left)
3 January 2021 (13 spots left)

7 February 2021 (13 spots left)
7 March 2021 (14 spots left)
2 May 2021 (18 spots left)
6 June 2021 (19 spots left)
4 July 2021 (17 spots left)
8 August 2021 (13 spots left)
17 October 2021 (15 spots left)

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Elephant Walk


- Airport pick-up and transfer on arrival into Bangkok (if arriving into Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi (BKK) airport on the tour start date between 6am and 8pm)
- All accommodation
- All in-country transport
- 24/7 support from our experienced English-speaking guides
- All tour activities
- Heaps of meals!
- Project donation and supplies
- Full pre-departure support from our ace travel coordinators
- A flashy Travel Hack packed full of helpful advice
- A few surprises along the way

2Countries Tour Group


Bangkok: Twin or triple (single beds) share bed & breakfast accommodation in a guest house near Khao San Road. Includes a/c, TV, hot water and western bathroom.

Ayutthaya, Chiang Rai City and Chiang Mai City - twin or triple (single beds) share in a comfortable hotel with air conditioning and western bathrooms.

Hill Tribe - Typical homestay. Dorm-style bedrooms with Thai style mattresses on the floor, mosquito nets and fans. Communal bathrooms with bucket flush toilets and cold showers. Wifi is available. All meals are included during your time with the hill tribe.

Elephant Project - Bamboo huts with Thai style mattresses on the floor covered by mosquito nets. Communal bathrooms with western toilets and cold showers. No WIFI available at the project. All meals are included whilst at the project.

Food: All breakfasts are included throughout plus a traditional welcome meal in Bangkok. In addition, lunches are also included when at your volunteering locations.

Internet: WiFi is available in all guesthouses.

Laundry: You can use the local laundry services that are quick and cheap, and good!

Thailand Elephant



Whether you’re flying, bussing, or managed to sail for six months from the Cayman Islands, our staff will greet you and take you to your accommodation, right in the party mecca along Khao San Road, where you can shower (re: you better shower if you sailed), relax, or venture off into the heart of this temple town. The day is yours.

No meals included.


While last night you may have gotten your fix of neon-lit streets, a close encounter with a ladyboy, and ate Pad Thai off our tour guide’s chest, today, we’ll see the real Bangkok, an ancient city where the familiar and exotic collide into the brightly coloured culture. We’ll see the cities skyscrapers, temples and veer into the alleyways where you can buy a dodgy looking Rolex for a few bucks or a have someone rub your feet for much less.

Beyond that, the day is yours to explore. Drink yourself into obscurity (we don’t recommend this) try to sip curry out of your roommate’s belly-button (we don’t recommend this either), or explore the temples—get a little cultured. You can even uncover the meaning of life chatting with a monk if that’s what you’re into—just tell us if you decide to stay and join a monastery.

Be back by nightfall for a proper welcome meal and dressed to impress for the bar crawl, where we're forcing you to stumble through Bangkok while completing some surprise challenges along the way.

Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner


Waking up hopefully not too tired from the previous night, we’ll give you the morning to collect yourself—head into some last-minute temples or simply sip coffee and watch the Thai life pass—before heading out on a two-hour road trip to the UNESCO World Heritage town of Ayutthaya.

Reliquary Prang towers overlook the gigantic monasteries and cobbled streets of the Ancient Thai capital. They’re 14th century skyscrapers in what was once (from the 14th to 18th centuries) one of the world’s largest and most cosmopolitan areas and a center for global diplomacy.

Once settled, we'll relish in Ayutthaya’s age-old splendor—perhaps taking in a breathtaking sunset and imagining life here just hundreds of years ago.

Meals included: Breakfast


The enigmatic temples whisper a fading royalty. The grandiose stupas and priceless artworks remind us of former grandeur.

We’ll begin our day with a bicycle tour through the gilded palaces and treasure-filled lanes of Ayutthaya, an endeavor into the New York City of the old world. You've then got plenty more time to explore as we stay another night in this ancient city.

Meals included: Breakfast


We'll be departing on the day coach in the morning to arrive in Chiang Rai in the evening.

Upon our arrival in Chiang Rai, we’ll get you to the hotel for some proper rest. From there, the Chiang chain’s off and you’re free to explore the city, be it the famous White Temple, Blue Temple, Wat Rong Sueten (you won’t get tired of the temples, we promise), and even meander to a tea plantation. Whatever your interest, we’ll help you out.

Meals included: Breakfast


If you haven’t tired of the temples yet (who does, honestly?), we’re offering a guided tour of the town this morning. Stepping deeper into the White Temple, through the morning market, and into the 13th century—but with central air and satellite TV and not worrying about the Plague.

By morning’s end, we’ll have seen the sights, gathered our belongings, and traversed to the Thai mountains into the remote villages of the region’s hill communities where our volunteering and trekking begins.

We’ll set you up with an orientation to the next days’ itineraries before gathering for a hill tribe welcoming meal and readying ourselves for the hard work (and endless amounts of sweat) ahead.

Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner


Largely untouched by the modern world, the Thailand’s impoverished hill tribes lack even the most basic of contemporary resources like access to education, clean water, and, in some cases, even proper shelter.

Those who wished to volunteer will work with a tribe to help them help themselves. We’ll have the opportunity to teach English to the local children (or even adults if you fancy) while their parents tend the farm; get down and dirty building houses for the poor families (a personal favorite); or install fresh water pumps to ensure clean drinking water—something everyone deserves.

Do understand, these volunteer projects vary tour-by-tour to reflect the current needs and priorities of the tribe. We take care of their essentials above all else.

That said, the trekkers in the group will have a much different experience. Hiking deep into the Thai jungles, we’ll learn about the flora and fauna—and how to avoid snakes—of the region. The climbs are steep. The views are stunning. And the jungle is…hot. It isn’t easy. But it’s definitely worth it.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


The work continues through today, as we knuckle down, sweat through our clothes, and finish the project we started.

Remember, we’ll be working together, arm-in-arm, muddy-face-in-muddy-face with the locals, so it’s not perfect until they say it is.

Our day concludes with a hearty dinner. We’ll then sit around the campfire (we promise we won’t bust out a guitar and sing “Wonderwall”) and swap stories about the adventure.

Thailand Elephants


Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


Waving goodbye to the tribesmen and the small part of our life that’ll forever remain in the Thai rainforest, we’ll bus to the incredible city of Chiang Mai, “The Rose of the North.”

Since the reign of the Lanna Kingdom over 500-years-ago, a surprising metropolis has developed around ancient Chiang Mai. The day begins with a tour of the city, where we’ll leisurely wander through the backstreets, markets and temples that deem this town “The Rose of the North.” Pit stops at the Wai Sri Suphan and Doi Suthep are remarkable enough to consider joining the monastery by mid-day—please, tell us beforehand, though.

Upon arriving, we’ll quickly settle into our guesthouse and head out to the Night Market for copious amounts of food, music, and, of course, probably some more Thai food. Pad Thai can also be dessert, right?

Meals included: Breakfast


Just a jaunt outside of Chiang Mai amid Thai rainforest is an Elephant Project, a sustainable eco-tourism project launched by Karen hill-tribes to protect the welfare of elephants. For the next two days, we’ll befriend, feed, and bathe the elephants, all the while planting food and building an ecosystem for the mammoth mammals.

On our first day, the “Mahouts” (the elephants’ guardians) will supply the “whaddup” handshake used to greet the animals. Like us humans, the way to their hearts is through their stomachs, so you’ll be feeding the creatures plenty of fruits and vegetables, while simultaneously hugging them and daydreaming about your future life together—marriage, baby elephants, taking little Dumbo to school.

Once fed their daily diet of 300 kg (660 lbs.) of fruits, bamboo, and smiles, you’ll parade to the mud pit for a ceremonial ele-bath.

Your day ends, fully muddied, and in a traditional jungle house, featuring little more than some huts with mattresses strewn on the floor. It may be rough-necking, but you’re spooning with elephants now.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


Yesterday may have been about maintaining the elephant population, but today concerns sustaining the species. With the help of the Mahouts, we’ll be planting heaps of sugar cane, bamboo, and bananas to keep the pantry stocked for the elephants; otherwise, they end up mistaking arms for bamboo. LOL jokes.

By mid-day, we’ll have sweat off a few pounds, so we’ll refuel with a traditional Thai lunch and cool off in with a dip on the rainforest river and a splash or two under a waterfall. Only clichés can sufficiently describe this beauty, so we’ll just say, “it’s really, really beautiful.”

At day’s end, we’ll dine and drink and recognize that the only purity left in this world is in the eyes of a baby elephant splashing in mud.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner


Weather permitting, our final day in the elephant project begins a little bit differently: Bamboo rafting along the river.

The jungle scenery and stoic cliffs illuminate just how removed from the Western world we are. And they also illuminate just how pretty this goddamn place is!

Once returned, we’ll wave goodbye to our newest BFFs, the elephants, obviously, and return to Chiang Mai, where a celebratory drink, perhaps a tear, and a night of memories awaits.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch


From the “Rose of the North” to the “City of Angels,” today we’ll spend our final day in Chiang Mai, so buy that last-minute temple knick-knack and devour one final curry.

By nightfall, we'll board the train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, where our final moments on tour await.

The ride’s long, so download a couple movies off Netflix, buy a pack of playing cards and launch a secret gambling ring, or pop some melatonin and sleep your way across the country. Sit back, relax, and choo-choo.

In the morning, we'll be back in Bangkok.

Meals included: Breakfast


Two weeks – gone in the blink of an eye. Don’t mind our sniffling! You'll arrive into Bangkok fresh off the night train and that's when we'll wave goodbye. The day is yours to explore more or arrnage your onward travel.

The tour may have ended but the stories you’ll soon tell are only beginning. It can take weeks to realize what all you accomplished in such a short period of time.

Rather than saying goodbye, we prefer to say, “see you soon.” You’re part of The BamFam now.

No meals included.

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4.7 ★
4.7 of 5 stars
1743 reviews
Caren Almario Cubbellotti
Saturday, October 19th, 2019 at 12:49am

Just got back home from the 2 countries tour in Thailand and Cambodia and I miss it so much already. Both tours were so well organized and fun. It was so rewarding to be able to learn about the two countries while also giving back...

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Debbie Hinde
Wednesday, October 16th, 2019 at 10:37pm

Kooga rep in Chang Mai was fantastic. Organised, caring, brilliant. Felt so looked after and secure.

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Susan Ayon
Friday, October 11th, 2019 at 1:29am

Our Sherpa guides were wonderful. Patient and accommodating and shared in a lot of laughs. The trek was well organized, concerns addressed. Loved the aspect of giving back to the community

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Francine Blanchet
Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 at 7:29pm

Bamboo and his team in Costa Rica has been given me an experience of a life time. Costa was a fantastic country to visit but Janna , Jairo and Kim had made the experience so much better.
We are made to feel welcome...

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Bev Erley
Tuesday, October 8th, 2019 at 6:24pm

I have just returned from the Y@H trip to Costa Rica. OMG what an awesome experience! My second trip with Bamboo and this one too exceeded my wildest expectations. The trip is amazing, we saw so much and did so much- every day...

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Cristopher Berns
Wednesday, October 2nd, 2019 at 6:42am

Great way to be a solo traveler and meet like-minded fellow travelers. Giving back was also a very rewarding part of the experience.

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Kyra Marks
Sunday, September 29th, 2019 at 11:07pm

I have just returned from the 50+ Costa Rica trip which was absolutely amazing from start to finish. Loved everything especially the turtles. All the meals were fantastic , I don't think I have ever eaten so well.
Many thanks go to Kim, Janna...

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Thailand Love


1 – What isn't included?

In short – anything that's not on the "What's included?" list in the info pack! The main things you’ll absolutely need to get that aren't included are:

International flights – we have people join us from all over the world so we leave these flexible so you can choose the departure airport and airline that suits you best.
Travel insurance – you can choose your own travel insurance or we can organize this for you. You can find details on the travel insurance here and will be able to add this on to your booking when you pay your program fee.
Visas – depending on the passport you hold you may need to get a visa before you travel. Please see below for more info on visas.
Police check - as the tour involves spending time with local communities and children, you will be required to provide us with a police check noting any criminal record held against your name. If you have an existing check, we can accept this providing it was issued no more than 12 months before your tour is due to finish. Each country/state has varying procedures on how to obtain a police check so we recommend you contact your local police station to see how you should go about getting one issued.

2 – How should I book my flights?

There are great online resources like www.skyscanner.com or google.com/flights. If you'd like to speak to an agent, you can contact our friends at STA Travel by completing an online form here: STA Flights


You need to book a flight that lands into Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi airport (airport code BKK) on the Sunday that the tour starts, between 6am and 8pm. Providing you arrive between these hours on this day, one of the team will then be there to meet you on arrival and take you to the hotel in the city. If you arrive later than 8pm on the Sunday start date, we will organize for you to spend that first night at the airport hotel. Then, one of the team will pick you up from the hotel the following day and take you to the hotel in the city to meet the rest of the group.

If you arrive before your Sunday start date, you will need additional accommodation. We can book this for you and you will just need to make your own way there from the airport and pay on arrival.


If you are doing the two-week tour, this will end on the Saturday two weeks later in Bangkok so you need to make your arrangements from there that day. We recommend you book your flight to depart Bangkok no earlier than midday on the Saturday your tour finishes.

If you are doing the three-week tour (Discover Thailand two-week tour plus Beach Bolt On), this will end in Bangkok on the Sunday three weeks after the start date. The Saturday night will be spent in Bangkok so you can make departure arrangements for any time on the Sunday.

3 – Do I need a visa?

Passport holders of several countries will get a 30 day ‘visa exempt’ stamp in their passport on arrival into Thailand free of charge. A quick Google search will tell you whether you need a visa or not. 

Elephants in Thailand


4 – How much spending money will I need?

This largely depends on you. All the breakfasts throughout the tour are included as are all of the meals whilst you are volunteering. The rest of the meals are up to you and if you are having local meals it will cost a couple of dollars, if you prefer western food it will be more depending on where you eat. A bottle of local beer in Thailand is around USD $1. You should bring some local currency with you (Thai Baht) but you will also be able to withdraw more from cash points in the major cities whilst you are away.

5 – Do I need vaccinations?

This depends on your home country and your vaccination history. You should visit a local travel clinic and see what they recommend.

6 – What are the Payment options?

To secure your spot there are 2 simple payment options.

Option 1: Pay a US$250 deposit today and the remainder is due 90 days before your tour starts (you will also have the option to pay the rest of your balance in instalments).

Option 2: If you are not sure of what date you wish to travel then you might be interested in a Bamboo Travel Voucher that matches the amount you pay. Pay $50 get a $100 voucher, pay $250 get a $500 voucher, pay $500 get a $1000 voucher. It's valid for 3 years so you have time to consider the tour or date in your own time. Click here to find out more and purchase.

7 – Is Thailand safe?

Like any country in the world, there will always be some dangers (even when in your home country!) and it is important to exercise common sense, particularly when in major cities and tourist destinations. However, Thailand is a very safe country to travel in and around. You’ll also be with our award-winning team throughout your stay and will be travelling with a group.

8 – What currency is the tour in?

All of our prices are in USD. If you would like to see what this is in your local currency you can use a conversion site such as www.xe.com which will give you the current exchange rate. Please bear in mind that the amount will be taken in USD when you pay and exchange rates will fluctuate.

9 – How can I be sure this is not a scam?

We have been operating for over 15 years, have placed over 25,000 volunteers and have an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge and passion! But don’t just take our word for it - if you visit our website Verification Page you can see our accreditation and recommendations for different worldwide organizations. You can also visit our Facebook page to see reviews from previous travelers and volunteers.

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