Chaos and exotica collide in stunning Vietnam. Starting in pagoda-filled Hanoi, we’ll travel south through the stunning limestone cliffs of Ha Long Bay and Ninh Binh, into the imperial city of Hue, before finishing in the colourful streets of Hoi An.

We are so excited to have you join us and we are now making it even easier to sign up with our brand new Bamboo Protected Guarantee: If you are unable to travel in 2021/22 due to COVID-19 then we will refund your payment. You also have the flexibility to change your dates if you need to.

Everyday is packed with awesomeness, but some of our highlights are:

Exploring the sights of Hanoi, including Hoan Kiem Lake and the old French Quarter
Spending a night cruising majestic UNESCO World Heritage Site Ha Long Bay
Morning yoga on the rooftop of your boat
Panoramic views across the Hai Van pass
Swimming at the Elephant Springs or wandering around the beautiful Marble Mountain temples
Giving back with one of Vietnam's most famous NGOs, connecting with communities along the way
Cruising the Perfume River in Hue
Discovering the beautiful streets of Hoi An by bike
A real taste of some world-famous Vietnamese food

Vietnam Lanterns


With 20 persons per group MAX! The exact cost of this tour is US $1997. This goes towards covering everything from in-country transport and accommodation to project fees and tour-related activities (we really do cram it in!). Please note that your international flights are not included in the above price.


To secure your spot there are 2 simple payment options.

Option 1: Simply reduce your balance by US$500 and we will match it by US$500. Giving you US$1000 off the remaining balance due closer to when your tour starts.

You will also have the option to pay the rest of your balance in instalments. Just click here to save US$500!

Option 2: If you are not sure of what date you wish to travel then you might be interested in a Bamboo Travel Voucher that matches the amount you pay. Pay $50 get a $100 voucher, pay $250 get a $500 voucher, pay $500 get a $1000 voucher. It's valid for 3 years so you have time to consider the tour or date in your own time. Click here to find out more and purchase.

Ha Long Bay


Locations: Hanoi, Ha Long Bay, Ninh Binh, Hue, Hoi An
Tour Length: 13 days
Tour Cost: $1997
Finish Date: The tour will end on Wednesday, 13 days after your start date.
Volunteer Work: Community development
Arrival Airport: Hanoi Noi Bai Airport (HAN)
Departure Airport: Da Nang International Airport (DAD)
Group Size: Maximum 20
Minimum age: 18 
Going Solo?: Over 70% of those on our tours start off as solo travellers
Available dates: Click here for dates


4 September 2020 (15 spots left)
2 October 2020 (14 spots left)
6 November 2020 (14 spots left)
4 December 2020 (14 spots left)
8 January 2021 (6 spots left)

19 February 2021 (3 spots left)
12 March 2021 (full)
9 April 2021 (13 spots left)
7 May 2021 (19 spots left)
4 June 2021 (13 spots left)

2 July 2021 (19 spots left)
6 August 2021 (18 spots left)
15 October 2021 (17 spots left)
19 November 2021 (9 spots left)

Book and Save $500

Vietnam Boat


- Airport pick-up and transfer on arrival into Hanoi
- An in-depth orientation
- 12 nights of accommodation
- All in-country transport
- 24/7 support from our experienced local guides
- All tour activities
- Heaps of meals!
- Full pre-departure support from our ace travel coordinators
- A flashy Travel Hack packed full of helpful advice
- Donation towards the community development project



Southern Vietnam Bolt-On

Don't stop reading yet... we have one more amazing thing to offer you: The south of Vietnam!

During this extra week we will take you from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City where we'll cruise the Mekong Delta to My Tho before we head back to Ho Chi Minh City.

You'll get to crawl through the Chu Chi Tunnels, part of a near impenetrable VietCong fortress, which where so small that they had to be made wider for the tourists but don't worry we have already thought ahead of how to shake of the claustrophobic feeling: The Mekong Delta! Vast riverlands with huge agricultural fields will soon have you forgotten about how cramped and tight it was in those tunnels.

Interested? Of course you are! Message us on Facebook or via [email protected] and we will supply you with a detailed travel hack and pricing :)

Vietnam Woman


All accommodation will be twin or triple rooms with ensuite western bathrooms and air conditioning, located in the centre of each city (or on board a ship when you are in Ha Long Bay)

Internet: WiFi is available in all guesthouses excluding onboard your ship on Ha Long Bay.

Laundry: You can use the local laundry services that are quick, cheap, and good!


Loads of breakfasts are included throughout, plus a traditional welcome meal in Hanoi. Your lunch whilst volunteering is also included and we'll throw in a farewell meal on the last evening!



Stretch your legs and find that Bamboo logo in the crowd outside your terminal because the tour begins now. Whether you're flying, bussing, or sailed for six months under the tutelage of a 10th generation Magellan, our staff will greet you and take you to your hotel, a quaint B&B in the heart of Hanoi, where you can shower (re: you better shower if you sailed), relax, or get lost in the city-center. The day is yours.


Pagodas tower over Hanoi, a resilient, proud city, whose complex history extends beyond recent wars and into periods of the French aristocracy and Chinese authenticity. The day begins with a walking tour, where we’ll leisurely wander through the back alleys and into the colourful markets and temples that dot this lake-littered inlet.

You’ll also have the opportunity to see a Vietnamese Water Puppet Show, a unique performance that celebrates North Vietnamese traditions dating back to the 11th century.

After the show, our day together concludes with a

proper Vietnamese welcome meal, complete with
the most elegant spring rolls, pho, and, of course, a
tipple or two. Those who don’t want the night to
end can join us on Beer Street where a cheeky drink
becomes four far too quickly.

After the show, our day together concludes with a proper Vietnamese welcome meal, complete with the most elegant spring rolls, pho, and, of course, a tipple or two. Those who don’t want the night to end can join us on Beer Street where a cheeky drink becomes four far too quickly.

Meals Included: Breakfast & Dinner


Just a jaunt outside Hanoi, amid emerald waters, rainforests, and limestone cliffs is Ha Long Bay, an outdoor-lover's paradise. Here, we’ll dive into the water for some swimming, kayaking, and, if you’re like us, endlessly reapplying sunscreen.

At sundown, we’ll turn up the romance and enjoy a beachfront dinner and bayside sunset, a sunset so spectacular it will stay with you forever...

*Note:  We can't prove it will stay for you forever, but we can promise you'll be moved.

Meals Included: Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


Those who missed the sunset last night can redeem themselves this morning with a breathtaking sunrise straight out of an Enrique Iglesias music video.

We will start off the day with a 30-minute Tai Chi session on the boat to get you all limbered up for the day ahead.

The rest of the morning will be spent splishing and splashing and general lakeside lounging until we head out to Ninh Binh, our base for exploring Vietnam’s UNESCO-winning grottoes.

Meals Included: Breakfast


The sleepy town of Ninh Binh may consist of little more than locals sipping beers at cafes along the sidewalks, but the town itself is surrounded by quintessentially Vietnamese limestone scenery.

After breakfast, we’ll hop on our bikes and cycle into the tropical countryside (where King Kong was filmed) toward Tam Coc, a river that would be all over your Instagram feed if people knew about it. There, we’ll board a row-boat, and, with the soundtrack of the river lapping against our oars, we’ll succumb to the riverside’s lush rice paddies and limestone ledges that seemingly continue forever.

We may even throw a little surprise into the mix, just whisper the words dragon mountain to our guides, and they will show you a hidden gem that has been said to be one of the tour highlights.

In the evening, with eyes exhausted from the imagery, we’ll take a night bus to Hue, where we’ll begin our first volunteering excursion.

Meals Included: Breakfast


Arriving in Hue as fresh as one can be after an eight-hour bus ride, we will first head to the hotel and rinse off the stench that only a sweaty night on a bus can produce.

Ha Long Bay


The former seat of Imperial Vietnam, the reign of emperors can still be felt in this historic citadel, where crumbling ancient walls greet modern, Euro-chic boutiques. Hue’s charm, however, lies along the Perfume River, where we’ll board a private boat for a sail downstream to Thien Mu Pagoda, the largest such in Vietnam.

We’ll keep the day restful because the hard work begins tomorrow.

Meals Included: Breakfast


There’s an old Vietnamese proverb: If you put in the work to sharpen the steel, it will eventually turn into needles.

So, if you haven’t stretched since middle school, we recommend channeling your 7th-grade gym teacher and practicing your arm-circles because today we’ll be working.

Because our community development projects rely on that most in-need, your tour could include anything from building chicken farms and constructing houses to putting in water filtration systems or even preparing communities on sustainable food and development initiatives.

The work generally involves dirty hands, dirty knees, mud-toothed smiles, and an overwhelming sense of accomplishment having witnessed the transformation of “steel into needles.”

Meals Included: Breakfast and Lunch.


Gripped with emotion, pride, and whatever the word for I-can’t-believe-we-just-helped-so-many-Vietnamese-people, we’ll bus down to Hoi An, a city famed for its Old Town and Japanese-style pagodas.

The winding roads through the mountains offer a near-endless panorama of steep, stony facades along with the occasional waterfall. If the weather’s kind, we’ll stop at Elephant Springs, a secluded waterfall where, if you couldn’t have guessed it, elephants once bathed, or we’ll visit Da Nang, a hiker’s dreamland in the Marble Mountains.

We may also stop at a beautiful lagoon with a scenic view of Hai Van Pass. We recommend having your cameras ready for all these stops!

All being well, we should arrive just in time for a shower and a romantic stroll into the old town of Hoi An.

Meals Included: Breakfast


Fully rested from volunteering, today begins with a bike ride through historic Hoi An and into the quiet Vietnamese countryside.

We’ll cycle past rice paddocks and roaming buffaloes to the waters surrounding the city where your traditional basket boat awaits. With 1-2 people per boat and your conical hat equipped, we’ll sail around the mythical Coconut Forest. You may even get the opportunity to take a spin in your boat if your stomach can handle it!

Once the boats are returned, we’ll mingle with some locals and challenge them to Con Quay and a few other traditional Vietnamese games.

The day concludes with a smooth ride back into Hoi An, where the rest of the day is yours for exploring—be it bargaining at the Chinese shop houses, dining on Bahn Xeo, or, our personal recommendation, make your own Asian-style lantern.

Meals Included: Breakfast


We’re taking off the Bamboo ball-and-chain and letting you into the wild world of Hoi An.

Packed with yellow, French colonial-era buildings, feel free to window-shop at the cutesy boutiques, lounge street-side in many of the coffee shops, book yourself a cooking class at the famous Green Mango restaurant, or trek down to An Bang Beach for some sun, some R&R, and a cocktail or two.

Just get back to the hotel in the early evening so we can get together for our final group meal, where we’ll toast to Vietnam. Mot, hi, ba, yo!

Meals Included: Breakfast, Dinner


Do do we even want to address the good-bye?

The trip may have lasted thirteen days, but it’s thirteen days that last a lifetime in memory. We’ll snap one final group photo, which we’ll then keep under our pillow case to look at late at night, teary-eyed and smiling, and remember our journey together.

Beyond that, we’ll help you arrange any transport to your next stop—be it the airport, bus terminal, shipyard, dragon’s den, wherever. Safe travels.

Meals Included: Breakfast

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I’ve been on 3 tours now and I’ve loved every minute of every tour... while on the tours, you get the opportunity to learn, give and experience... I’m retired and want to travel.. this company fills my needs because I travel alone.. I’m so grateful...

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Tuesday, March 24th, 2020 at 10:51pm

Great people, great missions, great humanity, great fun! Love theae guys!

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Where do I begin? The whole Discover Nepal experience being able to see the real Nepal, the real Nepalese people, the beauty of the country, learning about their culture and history and of course our hosts, Kate and Amrit together with our most wonderful guides,...

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The well things are well made

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Chicken Program



In short - anything that’s not on the "What's included?" list in the info pack! The main things you’ll absolutely need to get that aren’t included are:

International flights - we have people join us from all over the world so we leave these flexible so you can choose the departure airport and airline that suits you best.
Travel Insurance - you can choose your own travel insurance, or we can organise this for you. You can find details on the travel insurance here and will be able to add this onto your booking when you pay your program fee.
Visas – depending on the passport you hold you may need to get a visa before you travel. Please see below for more info on visas.
Police Check - as the tour involves spending time with local communities and children, you will be required to provide us with a police check noting any criminal record held against your name. If you have an existing check, we can accept this providing it was issued no more than 12 months before your tour is due to finish. Each country/state has varying procedures on how to obtain a police check so we recommend you contact your local police station to see how you should go about getting one issued.


There are great online resources like or If you'd like to speak to an agent, you can contact our friends at STA Travel by completing an online form here:

ARRIVAL: You need to book a flight that lands into Hanoi Noi Bai International Airport (airport code HAN) on the Friday that the tour starts, between 6am and 8pm. Providing you arrive between these hours on this day, one of our team will be there to meet you on arrival and take you back to the hotel in the city. If you arrive later than 8pm on the Friday start date, we will organize an airport pickup but without a Bamboo representative to meet you, our team will then meet you at the guesthouse.

If you arrive before your Friday start date, you will need additional accommodation. We can book this for you and you will just need to make your own way there from the airport and pay on arrival.

DEPARTURE: This tour will end on the Wednesday two weeks later in Hoi An, with Da Nang International airport being the closest only 30 minutes away, so you need to make your arrangements from there that day. Buses can be arranged to further your travels back to Hanoi, or further south to Ho Chi Minh City. Our team can help you to arrange these once you arrive.


Absolutely! We need to know which flight you're arriving in on so that we can arrange your airport pick up. Please submit your details to us 1 month BEFORE you are due to arrive. If we don't receive your flight arrival date, time and flight number then we can't guarantee your pick up and you will need to make your own way to the start of your tour.


Whether you purchase your travel insurance through us or whether you arrange your own, you will need to BRING A COPY OF YOUR POLICY with you. You'll also need to make sure that you can access enough money to pay for any medical treatment required while travelling with us as most insurance policies require you to pay first and claim the money back afterwards.


Passport holders of several countries will get a 15-day 'visa exempt' stamp in their passport on arrival into Vietnam free of charge. A quick Google search will tell you whether you need a visa or not.


This largely depends on you. Most breakfasts throughout the tour are included, along with a couple of dinners, as is lunch whilst you are volunteering. The rest of the meals are up to you and if you are having local meals it will cost a couple of dollars, if you prefer western food it will be more depending on where you eat. A bottle of local beer in Vietnam is around USD $1. You should bring some local currency with you (Vietnamese Dong VND) but you will also be able to withdraw more from cash points in the major cities whilst you are away.

Vietnam Motorbikes



This depends on your home country and your vaccination history. You should visit a local travel clinic and see what they recommend.


To secure your spot there are 2 simple payment options:

Option 1: Pay a US$250 deposit today and the remainder is due 90 days before your tour starts (you will also have the option to pay the rest of your balance in instalments).

Option 2: If you are not sure of what date you wish to travel then you might be interested in a Bamboo Travel Voucher that matches the amount you pay. Pay $50 get a $100 voucher, pay $250 get a $500 voucher, pay $500 get a $1000 voucher. It's valid for 3 years so you have time to consider the tour or date in your own time. Click here to find out more and purchase.


Like any country in the world, there will always be some dangers (even when in your home country!) and it is important to exercise common sense, particularly when in major cities and tourist destinations. However, Vietnam is a very safe country to travel in and around. You'll also be with our experienced team throughout your stay and will be travelling with a group.


All of our prices are in USD. If you would like to see what this is in your local currency you can use a conversion site such as which will give you the current exchange rate. Please bear in mind that the amount will be taken in USD when you pay and exchange rates will fluctuate.


We have been operating for over 15 years, have placed over 25,000 volunteers and have an experienced team with a wealth of knowledge and passion! But don't just take our word for it - if you visit our website Verifications Page you can see our accreditation and recommendations for different worldwide organizations. You can also visit our Facebook page to see reviews from previous travellers and volunteers.

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