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Travel to Vietnam from stunning Halong Bay to Bustling Cities, this is the land of timeless charm of Southeast Asia, and you are invited to join us!

Travel to Vietnam from stunning Halong Bay to Bustling Cities, this is the land of timeless charm of Southeast Asia, and you are invited to join us!

With its modern history scarred by war, it's easy to forget how much more this country and its people have to offer but fear not intrepid traveler we have created the perfectly balanced tour of Vietnam which will take you to the must-see tourist attractions but also off the beaten path to discover the real Vietnam and why we feel it is southeast Asia hidden little gem!

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What are some Vietnam Travel Tips?

Here are our top ten Vietnam travel tips:

  • Travel with an open heart and mind. Vietnam can throw some interesting days ahead of you so be prepared to laugh, cry, sing and dance the whole time with your fellow travelers
  • Vietnam is a Cash Culture.  There’s little point heading to a local market, for example, with a credit card.  Make sure you carry enough cash to pay for your everyday needs. ATMs are generally widely available, even in smaller towns. Many smaller stores and Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City taxi drivers don’t have much change so try to break down the big bills
  • Don't end with us, continue your journey across beautiful Vietnam with a visit to Da nang or the Mekong delta and Phu Quoc Island.
  • Put down your Guide to Vietnam and follow us to places where the books don't tell you.
  • Go with the flow and slow. You will often find southeast Asia runs on a different time to everyone else. For westerners especially it can be odd and frustrating. We have found once you relax and don't look at your watch your tuk-tuk journey becomes much more interesting.
  • Negotiate with a smile. Haggling is common in many places around Vietnam, and you should be confident in the art of negotiation if you want the best deal on your souvenirs. Even something as simple as taking a tuk-tuk, although they really should be using a meter, many taxi drivers will try and settle on a fixed price too. Your tour guide is also on hand to assist with any cultural taboos.
  • What the foot! There are many places in Vietnam where you need to take off your shoes before entering. Especially temples and mausoleums,  some government buildings, even some shops, museums, make travelers remove their footwear; wearing shoes that are easy to slip on and off can be really convenient for days of cultural sightseeing. If you’re going trekking, however, sturdy boots or trainers are recommended.
  • Dress appropriately. Contrary to popular belief Vietnam is a conservative Buddhist country that regards the female form as sacred. Most Vietnamese women will cover their knees and shoulders especially in places of worship and respect. Don't worry though, on the beaches or swimming pools bikinis or speedos are most welcome.
  • Prepare for cold. You might not think you need a sweater or jacket in a tropical country like Vietnam. Vietnam seems to have a love for air-conditioning, however, which can make being indoors rather chilly. Buses, minivans, and trains can also be colder than you would expect. Pack at least one lightweight sweater or jacket and have it handy when using public transportation. Mountain areas tend to be cooler than other places, and even the islands can feel chilly come evening time, especially after a day in the hot sun.
  • Be the reason it is known as the land of Timeless Charm. With Bamboo we not only wish to give back to the local community but we wish to offer our hosts the greatest example of tourism, this is the Bamboo way. We are guests in a different land and we offer ourselves as an example of how to explore respectfully, appropriately, and with purpose.

5 Reasons to Travel to Vietnam

  • Reason 1 Give back to a worthwhile project protecting our planet, oceans, beaches, and wildlife populations
  • Reason 2: Meet and travel with some of the friendliest people in the world
  • Reason 3: Eat, pray, love, and in that order. Eat the best food, witness the culture of spirituality and Buddhist temples, love love love every second!
  • Reason 4: Build lifelong memories and friendships not only with our locals, the guide, the photo on your fridge, but also the legacy you leave behind in the good work you do.
  • Reason 5: Vietnam life is simple, exotic, and brings adventure in every moment.

FAQ: The most frequently asked questions about Vietnam magical land

Visitors come with many questions, and we have compiled the most frequently asked about Vietnam to help answer some of your inquiries..

As each country's foreign office perceives Vietnam differently our advice would be to locate and contact your countries own foreign department for the most recent advice.  Generally speaking, governments tend to be over-cautious in their recommendations and we find a good dose of common sense and courtesy will take you far on any journey, that said please consult both your government and insurance provider before journeying with Bamboo.

Vietnam, in general, has two kinds of seasons, hot or hot and wet but as we mentioned the rainy season can be a welcome relief and has never stopped a Bamboo tour. March and April are the driest and coolest months but every tour date we carefully choose has been hand-picked by our Thai guide for the best travel experience.

There is no right or wrong answer to how much to bring as it's generally to each their own. Vietnam is an affordable travel option for many and you can enjoy shopping in tourist places or exploring the finer things in life with spa treatments, fancy restaurants, or yoga retreats but your Vietnam travel guide will show you the best spots in the kingdom. The average daily spend in Vietnam is about US$60 which would include everything, you can go way less or way more (usually depends on how much you drink *hiccup*)

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many charming qualities and proud happy people that will mostly go out of their way to encourage you to enjoy their culture and laid-back life. However, in any country in the world, there are those who find ways to take advantage. Your guide is with you 24/7 to help you avoid any complications but on occasion, you will find yourself on a solo adventure please try to avoid the following (editor's note: we live to support local communities and initiatives, the following comments are not to discourage anyone from buying or avoiding any areas specifically, merely prepare yourself for potential issues outside of the Bamboo comfort zones).

  • False commission drivers. If you follow the rule 'if it's too good to be true, it usually isn't'. Drivers offering free rides or very cheap rides will invariably take you to places you do not want to go such as tailor shops and tourist markets as they will make a commission per head.  A polite 'no thank you and a smile will help you avoid any complications when not part of our tour group.
  • Taking taxi rides in Vietnam. When not with your Bamboo tour group, traveling around the country is easy as long as you are pointed in the right direction. Our guide will ensure you understand where to get the best taxi rides.
  • Tour guides offering services beyond our tour. Vietnam has been built on the tourist market which has seen an influx of tour guides all vying for the same tourist. With Bamboo, we work with the best local guides whose life passion is to introduce their country to our groups. On occasion, on tour you may experience other guides offering services, please speak to your own guide before employing anyone else to avoid overpayment or miscommunication. As always, a smile and a 'no, thank you is always a simple solution.
  • Experience an authentic Vietnamese market. As part of your Bamboo journey, you will experience authentic Vietnamese products. With your guide by your side, you will become an expert in the art of negotiation. As always with a smile and a cheeky wink, you will find all Vietnamese people will open to you. Be polite and never pushy and you're sure to bag one Vietnamese bargain.

Southeast Asia is known for its affordable travel due to the economy of the region against the tourists coming to visit. Your overall purchasing power is higher than the average salary of a Vietnamese person. Which brings many benefits to both you, the traveler, and the local. So, why is Vietnam so cheap and how will this help my experience?

Vietnam is remarkably cheap especially with meals, hotel rooms, product shopping, and transportation. It has been said, the most expensive thing you will need to buy is a ticket to get to Vietnam. After calculations, it costs around US$60 dollars per day to live a great standard of living in Vietnam.

As for every Bamboo tour we strongly recommend consulting your local GP doctor before traveling to any country. That said, Vaccination is recommended and strongly suggested if you stay longer and wish to eat street food and travel to more remote areas.

With our tours, you are guaranteed the full Vietnam experience without having to spend beyond the exclusive tour due to our days being jam-packed with activities such as Hanoi city tours, Pho food experiences, Golden Temple tours, rice fields, and much much more! So is Vietnam expensive? No, not at all.

According to our flight partners and local partners, May is considered the lower season and the cheapest month to fly. That said, the prices vary each month and can change on a daily basis so using something like Skyscanner to track a bargain is highly recommended. Please feel free to ask our team in the bottom right corner if you need help with flights.

Our Vietnam tour has been expertly designed to give the best balance of nature, culture, environment, giving back, adventure activities, and project time so we know, by the science that 13 days is exactly how many days you need in Vietnam, how many days you want to extend is entirely up to you.

Bamboo & Vietnam

Vietnam has a special place in the heart of Bamboo's tours. The rich culture, friendly people, lush nature and wildlife, and pristine beaches embody the soul of what makes our travel tour the first choice for many, time and time again.

Bamboo currently has 1 tour(s) in Vietnam:

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