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Volunteer Programs: Children

Program costs: US$250 application fee + US$495 per week (1-4 weeks), and US $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, airport pick up.

Education and Community Outreach in Ethiopia

Do you get a kick out of helping children learn? Are you a natural communicator? In our Ethiopia program volunteers will be responsible for helping to teach children - with a focus on English and mathematics. With the aid of a local teacher who will help translate for you, you will plan and run lessons for knowledge-hungry children from severely disadvantaged backgrounds. The school provides a one-year intensive program for these children to prepare them for moving on to government run schools.

Twice a week, you'll also assist at a local feeding program to connect with a wider cross-section of Ethiopian communities facing various challenges.

If your placement coincides with school holidays, you'll be a part of the long-term relationship with past students, offering "refresher" lessons, life skills workshops and nutritious lunches.

This project requires volunteers who are self-starters, who can take part in a flexible schedule, and who can work with minimal supervision.Teaching experience is not required, but volunteers must be prepared to plan lessons and run classes for the children. Volunteers need to be fluent in English and have a passion for children and education.


Childcare in Guatemala

Are you driven to help the world's most vulnerable citizens? Do you love kids and want to help them thrive? In the Childcare and Orphanage Project volunteers assist the children with basic hygiene education, homework, organising games and activities, organising workshops and provide the children with love and attention. There are many different childcare placements available in Guatemala, including day care centres, school and orphanages, and many of the children suffer from poor domestic lifestyles and substance abuse in their families.


Childcare in Peru

Are you able to give hugs, wipe away tears and smile and laugh until it hurts? Do you want to help give hope to some of the world's most impoverished children? Join up with one of our childcare placements and provide children with love and attention, where volunteers assist the children with their homework, organise educational activities and help take care of their basic needs. There are many different childcare placements available in Cusco, including working at orphanages, homes for abused children, daycares for babies, community centres, and at shelters. There is also the possibility to work at a program for kids with disabilities. If you have an area which you are particularly interested in please let us know, and will try to find the perfect place for you.


Remote Childcare in Uganda

Do you love kids? Are YOU a big kid? Volunteers with never ending energy and loads of games up their sleeve, can live and work with HIV affected orphans and needy children. You'll bring love, encouragement, and creativity to kids who lack family stability due to AIDS related illnesses. You'll dispel some myths about the dire state of the "African orphanage" and have tonnes of fun with some very deserving kids in the process!


Childcare in Rwanda

Are you compassionate, empathetic and emotionally robust? A high percentage of these children have also lost their parents to HIV/AIDS. Volunteers are involved in caring for the children when not at school, teaching life skills, assisting with home work, mealtimes and showing compassion.


Childcare in Costa Rica

Are you able to give hugs, wipe away tears, and smile and laugh until it hurts? Do you want to help some amazing, but underprivileged children? Join up with one of our childcare placements and provide children with love and attention, where volunteers assist the children with their homework, organise educational activities and help take care of their basic needs.Volunteers are encouraged to use their skills and interests to develop music and dance, jewellery making, aerobics and arts & crafts work shops. Alongside the orphanage work, volunteers may also work in shelters, community centres or childcare facilities in impoverished housing areas, always working alongside severely underprivileged children.


Childrens in Ghana

Do you love kids and want an experience that will last a lifetime? Then seize the opportunity to work alongside local staff at an orphanage in Ghana. The home is basic, underdeveloped and always in need of volunteers to assist with caring for underprivileged children. These children need love and attention, and assistance with education and developing their life skills.


Ba Vi Disability Centre in Viet Nam

Are you crazy about kids? Do you want to support them in building a brighter future? Volunteers in the Vietnam Children's program have the opportunity to work in the rural district of Ba Vi - located approximately 50 km north of Hanoi. You will be working alongside the local staff and giving love and care to the children who have physical and mental disabilities. Volunteers are welcome to focus on tangible goals and encourage the children to be mentally stimulated and work towards becoming mobile in the long term. Volunteers are needed to assist in caring for children, teaching basic English, arts and crafts, music, sports and other life skills where possible. There is also a need for volunteers who have specialized skills in physiotherapy, occupational therapy, nursing or other professions with qualifications that could support children with mental and physical disabilities.

Location: Ba Vi Province (50 kms north of Hanoi)


Elephant Village Life - Childcare in Thailand

Live and work in a rural working elephant community close to the border of Cambodia in a small village called 'Baan Ta Thit' in North East Thailand. Work to empower families to help them help themselves out of poverty. This project allows families to support themselves.


Chiang Rai Hill Tribes - Childcare in Thailand

Living and working in a rural hill tribe community (known as the 'Lahu') near the ancient city of Chiang Rai, Thailand. With very little support from the government the Lahu people find themselves struggling to exist in a modern world and keep hold of their ancient and mysterious traditions in the process. With this project we hope to respect the community and develop their basic welfare needs systematically.


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