Costa Rica volunteering

Join us in Costa Rica

Experience volunteering in beautiful Costa Rica and find out for yourself about living the Pura Vida! Most projects (except Turtle and Coffee Projects) are based in and around the capital, San Jose. You'll join volunteers from around the world in helping local Costa Rican communities reach their full potential.

Program costs: US$250 application fee + US$495 per week (1-4 weeks), and US $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, and airport pick up.

Childcare Project

Are you able to give hugs, wipe away tears, and smile and laugh until it hurts? Do you want to help some amazing, but underprivileged children? Join up with one of our childcare placements and provide children with love and attention, where volunteers assist the children with their homework, organise educational activities and help take care of their basic needs.Volunteers are encouraged to use their skills and interests to develop music and dance, jewellery making, aerobics and arts & crafts work shops. Alongside the orphanage work, volunteers may also work in shelters, community centres or childcare facilities in impoverished housing areas, always working alongside severely underprivileged children.


Turtle Conservation Project

Are you passionate about preserving the planet's vulnerable species? Do you like long walks on the beach? Volunteers in our Turtle Project will work with the endangered Olive Ridley, Leatherback Black and/or Green turtles along the gorgeous coastlines of Costa Rica. The programs give you the chance to make an important contribution to the preservation of these species, assisting local communities who carry out conservation work and gaining first-hand knowledge into Costa Rica's biodiversity and culture. Join our partner and play your part in ensuring these beautiful creatures survive and thrive for generations to come.


Teaching English Project

Hablas Ingles? (Do you speak English?) There are few more valuable skills in this increasingly globalised world than to be able to connect and communicate with visitors to your region. At our teaching English placements volunteers will teach children of all ages, and will also participate in cultural activities and recreational games. Our teaching placements are all situated in impoverished housing areas, and teaching normally takes place in a small community centre or Church.


Coffee Cooperative Project

Are you a coffee connoisseur? A java junkie? Then join our Coffee cooperative program, where volunteers will assist with the sustainable production of coffee in a rural farming community, in the mountainous region of Costa Rica. Volunteers will assist with coffee-picking in the fields, roasting the beans and packaging the final product, alongside wider agricultural activities. As well as the agricultural side of things, volunteers can also get involved in marketing the coffee product to the market and get involved with the wider community. So sign up now and go get caffeinated!


Healthcare Project

Are you medically trained or currently in training? Prepared to share your skills and knowledge? Do you feel inspired to help the most vulnerable Costa Ricans stay healthy? Volunteers work in a medical setting, such as an ambulance service or a hospital. This project is for med students, pre-med students and qualified nurses or doctors. Volunteers for these projects require at least intermediate Spanish as the staff they will work with have limited English. Notarized documentation of your medical school, nursing school, or other medical credentials will be required.


Healthcare - Occupational Therapy Project

As a volunteer in the Occupational Therapy Program, you will be providing your skills, patience and understanding of intellectual diversity in an international setting. OT placements include a school for disabled children as well as other projects. Volunteers will work with program coordinators to arrange and run workshops and classes in the following areas: knitting, cooking, horticulture, arts and music. They will also provide general help to the individuals attending the school such as assisting during class time as well as helping with daily physical therapy activities. Volunteers may also help with seminars aimed at the families of the autistic children to help them better understand and cope with their condition.


Construction Project

Are you handy with a hammer? Skilled with a screwdriver? A dab hand at painting? Then sign up to help build a better future for our Costa Rican friends. Volunteers in our construction program will assist in projects based in and around San Jose. You will be helping local tradesmen and other volunteers create a tangible legacy of your time spent volunteering. It may be a renovation or a completely new build but whatever project you work on, your time and efforts will be greatly appreciated. So get ready to roll up your sleeves, get dirty and help the locals build for their future!


Christmas and New Year Project

Do you want to create some truly lasting memories this Christmas and New Years? These weeklong adventures will invite you into the hearts of the Costa Rican people and allow you the chance to bring smiles and laughter to underprivileged children and adults in San Jose, Costa Rica. These week-long Christmas and New Year tours will offer a range of activities focusing on childcare and elderly care facilities. You can join for Christmas, New Years, or why not join for both weeks? Please note, prices for this project are different from others. See more details for information.