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Volunteer Programs: Nature

Program costs: US$250 application fee + US$495 per week (1-4 weeks), and US $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, airport pick up.

Elephant Village Life in Thailand

Our Elephant Village program is based in a rural and traditional Thai farming village. Since elephants are not longer used in the logging industry, the Mahouts (elephant guardians), often earn less than $5 per family per week and struggle to properly care for the elephants. Without the help of volunteers like you, the Mahouts are forced to take the elephants to beg on the streets which is very dangerous.


Jungle Conservation in Peru

Do you crave the wild places? Are you passionate about conservation? With two Amazon locations available, volunteers may assist in orchid planting, bamboo removal, research projects, teaching at the local school, helping maintain trails and creating an inventory of species. A wide variety of ongoing projects means that there is always something interesting going on. Please note that Jungle volunteers will not be able to take part in Spanish lessons during their time in the jungle. However, we can arrange for Spanish lessons before or after your project, though this may include additional costs for housing.


Turtle Conservation in Costa Rica

Are you passionate about preserving the planet's vulnerable species? Do you like long walks on the beach? Volunteers in our Turtle Project will work with the endangered Olive Ridley, Leatherback Black and/or Green turtles along the gorgeous coastlines of Costa Rica. The programs give you the chance to make an important contribution to the preservation of these species, assisting local communities who carry out conservation work and gaining first-hand knowledge into Costa Rica's biodiversity and culture. Join our partner and play your part in ensuring these beautiful creatures survive and thrive for generations to come.


Organic Farming and Agriculture in Uganda

Do you like playing in the dirt? Interested in seeing the impact of climate change in the tropics? Come volunteer in a local farm and help a community achieve food security and environmental sustainability. Volunteers learn and promote environmental conservation practices such as soil erosion prevention, natural pest repellant use, biogas production, solar fruit drying, and interlocking brick construction.


Coffee Cooperative in Costa Rica

Are you a coffee connoisseur? A java junkie? Then join our Coffee cooperative program, where volunteers will assist with the sustainable production of coffee in a rural farming community, in the mountainous region of Costa Rica. Volunteers will assist with coffee-picking in the fields, roasting the beans and packaging the final product, alongside wider agricultural activities. As well as the agricultural side of things, volunteers can also get involved in marketing the coffee product to the market and get involved with the wider community. So sign up now and go get caffeinated!


Island Marine Conservation in Thailand

Get your internationally accredited PADI certificate and then help to restore a coral community. You'll learn valuable skills that can be used towards your degree and help protect one very special reef that would cease to exits without the work of our dedicated volunteers.


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