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Construction Project

Join us for a unique and once in a lifetime experience.

Take a journey through Cusco, Peru - the Unesco World Heritage Site lined with archaeological sites where you can travel up the Inca Trail to arrive at the famous Machu Picchu.

While having beautiful surroundings, there are also many impoverished areas where children meet in community centres and basic nurseries to have basic education and care. Many of these buildings have poor infrastructure and don't encourage a fun learning environment.

Our partner works with the local communities throughout Antigua to assist the renovation work needed at the surrounding nurseries and community centres. This work is made possible through volunteers assisting local foremen and contributing to better buildings throughout these communities.

Without your help, these areas that facilitate the basic education and much needed care for children from very low income communities won't be able to have their buildings improved they way they should be.

Program costs: $250 application fee + $495 per week (1-4 weeks), and $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, airport pick up.

This is a practical, hands on role where you will assist the renovation and basic construction work being done and literally get your hands dirty! Be prepared for fun, laughter, and practical work as you build meaningful friendships with other volunteers as well as the local community you will be working alongside.