Peru volunteering

Join us in Peru

Share your skills, your laughter, your curiosity and your heart. Volunteers in the Peru program will primarily be based in the ancient city of Cusco, but may also participate in projects in the Sacred Valley and the Pervian Amazon. You'll live with a local host family and have time to visit the legendary site of Machu Picchu and other historical landmarks.

Program costs: US$250 application fee + US$495 per week (1-4 weeks), and US $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, and airport pick up.

Childcare Project

Are you able to give hugs, wipe away tears and smile and laugh until it hurts? Do you want to help give hope to some of the world's most impoverished children? Join up with one of our childcare placements and provide children with love and attention, where volunteers assist the children with their homework, organise educational activities and help take care of their basic needs. There are many different childcare placements available in Cusco, including working at orphanages, homes for abused children, daycares for babies, community centres, and at shelters. There is also the possibility to work at a program for kids with disabilities. If you have an area which you are particularly interested in please let us know, and will try to find the perfect place for you.


Teaching English Project

Hablas Ingles? (Do you speak English?) There are few more valuable skills in this increasingly globalised world than to be able to connect and communicate with visitors to your region. With your help, more and more residents of Cusco will be able to access the opportunities and advantages that speaking English brings. At our Teaching English placements, volunteers assist the full time teacher with speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, and vocabulary lessons. Volunteers may also be asked to help with specific learners in terms of their pronunciation and for one-on-one tutoring. It's also a great way to improve your Espanol and enable both you and your students to share stories, jokes and life histories.


Jungle Conservation Project

Do you crave the wild places? Are you passionate about conservation? With two Amazon locations available, volunteers may assist in orchid planting, bamboo removal, research projects, teaching at the local school, helping maintain trails and creating an inventory of species. A wide variety of ongoing projects means that there is always something interesting going on. Please note that Jungle volunteers will not be able to take part in Spanish lessons during their time in the jungle. However, we can arrange for Spanish lessons before or after your project, though this may include additional costs for housing.


Healthcare Clinic Project

Are you medically trained or currently in training? Prepared to share your skills and knowledge? Do you feel inspired to help the most vulnerable Peruvians stay healthy? In our Healthcare Clinic program, volunteers will work at a clinic for impoverished families in Cusco. This project is for med students or currently qualified nurses or doctors. Volunteers for these projects require at least intermediate Spanish as the staff they will work with have limited English. Notarized documentation of your medical school, nursing school, or other medical credentials will be required.


Construction Project

Are you handy with a hammer? Skilled with a screwdriver? A dab hand at painting? Then sign up to help build a better future for our Peruvian friends. At our construction projects, volunteers assist with construction and/or renovation - usually at a childcare project. Tasks on the construction program may include: renovation, labouring, painting, decorating, and carpentry. Volunteers will assist with cement mixing, sand sifting, cutting wood, and transporting building materials. The building projects are to help the community improve their schools and community centres. Be prepared to be patient and flexible, and to leave a tangible legacy of your efforts.


Andean Cultural Immersion Project

Do you love the simple life? Are you searching for a deeper cultural experience? At the Andean project, volunteers will live with a host family in the mountains of the Sacred Valley. You will assist the family with their agriculture and textiles practices. You will live like they do, eat what they eat, and be exposed to centuries-old traditional life-styles. You will also provide some educational opportunities to members of the local community; for example teaching English or reading and writing skills. Please note that due to the remote location of this program, volunteers in the cultural immersion program will not be able to take part in Spanish lessons during their project. However, we can arrange for Spanish lessons before or after your project, though this may include additional costs for housing.


Christmas and New Year Project

Do you want to create some truly lasting memories this Xmas? This weeklong adventure will invite you into the hearts of the Peruvian people and allow you the chance to bring smiles and laughter to underprivileged children and adults in Cusco, Peru. The Xmas project, starting on December 22, will focus on children's programs and will also involve volunteers in a medical campaign for rural residents. The second tour over the New Year, starting Dec 29, will also offer opportunities in a variety of volunteer projects where you will be warmly welcomed. Do one or do both, but Xmas will never feel the same again. Please note, prices for this project are different from others. See more details for information.