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Volunteer Programs: Teaching

Program costs: US$250 application fee + US$495 per week (1-4 weeks), and US $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, airport pick up.

Teaching English in Cambodia

Teach english at a small school in the shadows of Angkor Wat just kms from Siem Reap. You'll be working with 6-12 year olds and helping them receive an education that will allow them to succeed. Supported by our in country co-ordinators each step of the way.


Teaching English in Peru

Hablas Ingles? (Do you speak English?) There are few more valuable skills in this increasingly globalised world than to be able to connect and communicate with visitors to your region. With your help, more and more residents of Cusco will be able to access the opportunities and advantages that speaking English brings. At our Teaching English placements, volunteers assist the full time teacher with speaking, listening, writing, reading, grammar, and vocabulary lessons. Volunteers may also be asked to help with specific learners in terms of their pronunciation and for one-on-one tutoring. It's also a great way to improve your Espanol and enable both you and your students to share stories, jokes and life histories.


Teaching English in Guatemala

Did you know you have a great wealth which if you share you lose nothing? In the Teaching English Project, volunteers will be assisting teachers in educating local students in English. Volunteers will assist with workshops, organising educational games and activities and tutoring. Volunteers may also participate in fundraising and the collection of educational materials, and will be placed in either poor public schools, community centres or libraries.


Teaching English in Costa Rica

Hablas Ingles? (Do you speak English?) There are few more valuable skills in this increasingly globalised world than to be able to connect and communicate with visitors to your region. At our teaching English placements volunteers will teach children of all ages, and will also participate in cultural activities and recreational games. Our teaching placements are all situated in impoverished housing areas, and teaching normally takes place in a small community centre or Church.


Village School in Viet Nam

Are you a natural communicator? Do you want the opportunity to help others reach for their goals? Why not spend time in a beautiful rural community while volunteering at the local primary school? Volunteers in this program will teach primarily English to those from disadvantaged backgrounds. Volunteers assist the local teacher but also have the opportunity to teach their own lessons as well. There is also the unique opportunity to teach at the local Pagoda to university and college students. No previous teaching experience is necessary - although enthusiasm, compassion and patience are a must!

Location: Ba Vi Province (50 kms north of Hanoi)


Koh Samui - Teaching in Thailand

Koh Samui is definitely an island of two halves. There's the side tourists see as it's one of Thailand's leading tourist resort destinations attracting over a million visitors each year. Step away from the tourist areas, and you'll see a very different side of Samui, a side that struggles each day, that lives hand to mouth, a side that desperately needs help. Our focus on Koh Samui is with the next generation.


Koh Samui TEFL in Thailand

Earn an international teaching qualification while sunning it on tropical Samui. Our program mixes traditional training with in class practical experience in a local school. This both provides an opportunity for you to gain real experience and lets you give back to the community you will be part. Because the local school is so underfunded, without volunteers like you the local kids simply would not receive the eduction that will help them get ahead in life. Please note, prices for this project are different from others. See more details for information.


Chiang Rai Hill Tribes - Teaching in Thailand

Most hill tribes have access to schools that have been set up to offer a basic education for the children. Combined with the usual curriculum these kids learn about cottage industries that they may be able to earn an income from once they leave school at 12 years old. However for any child who excels in English they have an opportunity to take part in a local initiative to become local tour guides and break the cycle of poverty through education with help from volunteer teachers like you.


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