Thailand volunteering

Join us in Thailand

Be a part of community-based, Thai-led projects in education, childcare, health, construction, and elephant care. Volunteer in the most stunning of locations from the Hill Tribes of the jungles and mountains in the north to the beautiful island of Koh Samui in the south.

Elephant Volunteer Experience

Our Elephant Village program is based in a rural and traditional Thai farming village. Since elephants are not longer used in the logging industry, the Mahouts (elephant guardians), often earn less than $5 per family per week and struggle to properly care for the elephants. Without the help of volunteers like you, the Mahouts are forced to take the elephants to beg on the streets which is very dangerous.


Elephant Village - Teaching English Project

This teaching project is located at a rural government community school which has virtually no funding. English is taught with poor pronunciation from untrained teachers who have minimal teaching resources. Volunteers are needed to teach English with good pronunciation and modern teaching methods.In teaching these children, volunteers will be sharing tools for them to escape a life of poverty - you really will be changing lives.


Elephant Village Life - Childcare Project

Live and work in a rural working elephant community close to the border of Cambodia in a small village called 'Baan Ta Thit' in North East Thailand. Work to empower families to help them help themselves out of poverty. This project allows families to support themselves.


Surin Elephant Village Life - Nursing Project

Our student-nursing project works directly with rural communities in and around the province of Surin, one of the poorest and under-funded regions in Thailand. Working alongside local authorities we aim to provide essential basic medical care to those who are in desperate need.


Koh Samui - Teaching Project

Koh Samui is definitely an island of two halves. There's the side tourists see as it's one of Thailand's leading tourist resort destinations attracting over a million visitors each year. Step away from the tourist areas, and you'll see a very different side of Samui, a side that struggles each day, that lives hand to mouth, a side that desperately needs help. Our focus on Koh Samui is with the next generation.


Koh Samui - Building Project

As with our teaching project on Koh Samui, the school development work has been designed to help schools that struggle to operate on a day to day basis. With very little income to these government run schools it's not only the education curriculum that suffers, the bricks and mortar suffer too. Our aim with the building project is simple, to return these once proud schools to their former glory through the hard work of volunteers like you. While helping with building projects at the school, you may also have the opportunity to get involved with various projects in the community as well!


Koh Samui TEFL Project

Earn an international teaching qualification while sunning it on tropical Samui. Our program mixes traditional training with in class practical experience in a local school. This both provides an opportunity for you to gain real experience and lets you give back to the community you will be part. Because the local school is so underfunded, without volunteers like you the local kids simply would not receive the eduction that will help them get ahead in life. Please note, prices for this project are different from others. See more details for information.


Chiang Rai Hill Tribes - Childcare Project

Living and working in a rural hill tribe community (known as the 'Lahu') near the ancient city of Chiang Rai, Thailand. With very little support from the government the Lahu people find themselves struggling to exist in a modern world and keep hold of their ancient and mysterious traditions in the process. With this project we hope to respect the community and develop their basic welfare needs systematically.


Chiang Rai Hill Tribes - Teaching Project

Most hill tribes have access to schools that have been set up to offer a basic education for the children. Combined with the usual curriculum these kids learn about cottage industries that they may be able to earn an income from once they leave school at 12 years old. However for any child who excels in English they have an opportunity to take part in a local initiative to become local tour guides and break the cycle of poverty through education with help from volunteer teachers like you.


Chiang Rai Hill Tribes - Building and Community Development Project

The hill tribe communities supported by our volunteers live in very basic conditions. Houses are generally constructed from materials that have been found and nailed together. Running water and electricity is often a luxury available only to those who may have a regular income. Community centres, if any, are very often unsafe and crumbling through lack of funding to redevelop and refurbish.