Uganda volunteering

Join us in Uganda

Be a part of community-based, Ugandan-led projects in education, childcare, health and economic development. Work and play under the tropical sunshine.  Support Ugandan innovation and motivation.

Program costs: US$250 application fee + US$495 per week (1-4 weeks), and US $200 per week after this. This includes accommodation, meals, coordination, supervision, training, and airport pick up.

Remote Childcare Project

Do you love kids? Are YOU a big kid? Volunteers with never ending energy and loads of games up their sleeve, can live and work with HIV affected orphans and needy children. You'll bring love, encouragement, and creativity to kids who lack family stability due to AIDS related illnesses. You'll dispel some myths about the dire state of the "African orphanage" and have tonnes of fun with some very deserving kids in the process!


Village Teaching and Outreach Project

Do you want to ride to work on the back of a motor cycle as the sun rises? Volunteers learn to make baskets while discussing domestic issues with amazing Ugandan women's groups. You'll feed pigs and cows. You'll plant carrots, cabbages and tomatoes. You'll dig wells. You'll help primary students learn fractions. You'll play Duck! Duck! Goose! with a bunch of 5 year olds. The sky is the limit!


Organic Farming and Agriculture Project

Do you like playing in the dirt? Interested in seeing the impact of climate change in the tropics? Come volunteer in a local farm and help a community achieve food security and environmental sustainability. Volunteers learn and promote environmental conservation practices such as soil erosion prevention, natural pest repellant use, biogas production, solar fruit drying, and interlocking brick construction.


Public Health Improvement Project

Are you a confident speaker? Can you communicate important information in creative ways? Do you want to learn the reality on the ground regarding public health in Uganda? In this project, volunteers work alongside local counselors and health care professionals, in a variety of programs designed to help Ugandans stay healthy and make good decisions about their health care. Volunteers talk to people in village meetings, private homes, and churches.


Mukono Town Teaching Project

Are you enthusiastic about early childhood development? Do you love kids and want to teach them about the world? Our partner works with four private primary schools in Mukono town that cater exclusively to the education, housing and feeding of needy children and orphans. However, local education is largely rote learning. Come and feed their hungry little brains!